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My first attempt to a dubstep, made in 2 days, was very difficult, but somehow i managed to do it! for my new upcoming album *Xtronic*. Enjoy it!

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Unfortunately, I don't really know much about dubstep like most of these people, so I feel bad that I can't help you. But I must say, this song was like ear sex to me and I really liked it!

ESTAR48 responds:

Thanks a lot, im glad it was *ear sex* for you xD. That helps a lot alreday ;)

Now, that is an awsome track! Very fast rythm. I love it!

ESTAR48 responds:

Im glad you liked it! :D

Alright, here goes. I only have time for one review, you get it.

-I LOVE that main pad (mostly noticable in the beginning). It's really awesome. Might I ask where you got it/how you made it?
-Speaking of the beginning. That intro. Is wonderful.
-I personally think the hi-hats are fine. Don't see too much of an issue with them.
-The overall feel of the song is really cool. It fits well.
-Holy crap, this is dubstep... and it's CLEAN. Wow.
-Like the little 'record scratch' sounds in the second half of the dubstep bit.

-First, the glaringly obvious thing. In the dubstep section, the wobbles are horribly out-of-tune. It doesn't work. Though admittedly, I've heard several dubstep songs with this, and people loved them. I *personally* dislike the off-key-ness.
-The key change at 2:59. ...sorry, but that just SCREAMS "I'm out of ideas" to me. A key change like that is generally what people do when they're out of ideas. What I'd have done here is had a different tune immediately after the dubstep section, then when you do the key change go back to the initial tune you have.
-There is only one beat for the main song and one beat for the dubstep part. Would be nice to have a bit more variation in the beat, good as it is.
-Different chord progression at some point would be nice, not counting the dubstep section (since that's so bare that it's practically no progression at all).

Honestly, I like this. It sounds good. Heck, I'll even download it. It's definitely one of the better dubstep songs I've heard. Could be improved, of course, but still... nice work!

-Review Request Club-

ESTAR48 responds:

(Woah first one to like my hihats) Thanks a lot for your review, highly appreciated, these are the kinds of reviews i want, you really help me improve! Well i didnt ran out of ideas with the key change, lol it makes me laugh xD! About the pad, i downloaded somewhere, its a pad pack, but i forgot where i downloaded it (my bad memory), if i remeber or i find it again, ill tell you! Finally, im SO GLAD YOU LIKED IT EVEN IF IT WAS MY FIRST DUBSTEP! (ima about to cry, no wait, that never) Thanks a lot Wintrest!

This is a different kind of dubstep. I don't mean it in an informative way either(a good way). Anyways,you put a good amount of developing the song as it is,and I enjoy a beat like this. Great job on the key change too,I was just about to say something about variation and that just made it. One thing i didn't like too much was the Wubs during the second section. It felt...a bit out of tune. normally it is okay to have unrefined wubs,but it sounds like at that point it is dominating the song. thats just a personal irk though :P everything else is alright,except for the hi hat. Instead of it sounding like its closed,it sounds like it's loosely closed,and has that splashy effect. Overall,good job at a first attempt.

Review Request Club

ESTAR48 responds:

Thanks a lot! Well i think i made a mistake with hihats, my bad, im glad you liked it! Thanks again, your review is HIGHLY appreciated! :)

I'd actually pay for this...it's awesome, dude...PolyVerse is right though...work on your hi hats.

ESTAR48 responds:

Thanks a lot!!! im thinking on making an album ;)

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Jun 8, 2012
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