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~SW~ Dreamland Chronicles

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Author Comments

Here's a song I made for the Dreamland Chronicles webcomic, found here: http://www.thedreamlandch ronicles.com/

The full title of this track is "Dreamland Chronicles - Evermore", but that wouldn't fit, so I left it at "Dreamland Chronicles". No copyright infringement is intended by having the name on here simply be "Dreamland Chronicles". The full name simply does not fit.

If you'd like to download this in higher quality than what it is here, please use this link: http://adf.ly/9Kxkw This also supports my music-making, so I'd appreciate it if you could at least click it anyway - even if you don't want to download it. ;)

If you'd like to buy the song, feel free to head over to my bandcamp here: http://swint.bandcamp.com /track/dreamland-chronicl es-evermore

The programs used to make this song were FL Studio and Reason.

The VSTi and instruments used were Morphine (Purchased), EDIROL Orchestral (Purchased), Sytrus (FL Studio), BooBass (FL Studio), DSK OranZe (Free download), the Studio FG460s II Pro Guitar Pack (Free Soundfont in the Fruity Soundfont Player), and a large amount of instruments from the Reason defaults, as well as drums and percussion in Kong.

The VST used were Fruity Reeverb (FL Studio), Fruity Delay 2 (FL Studio), Fruity Phaser (FL Studio), Fruity Parametric EQ 2 (FL Studio), Fruity Reeverb 2 (FL Studio), Fruity Flanger (FL Studio), Fruity Flangus (FL Studio), Fruity PanOMatic (FL Studio), Guitar Rig 5 (Purchased), Fruity Delay Bank (FL Studio), and the Fruity Stereo Enhancer (FL Studio).

The time used to make this song was about 1 month. :D

Any feedback I could get on this song would be wonderful, I always love feedback and constructive criticism, as long as it actually IS constructive.



Not only is your style completely unique, its freaking epic. This song has such a great balance of ambient, trance, and orchestral, my favorite three genres! It literally took me 10 seconds of listening to this to add to favorites. Amazing work, I look forward to listening to you're next song!

SkyeWint responds:


"Not only is your style completely unique, its freaking epic."
As I said to Samulis below....
YES! YES! YES! That there is the best compliment I can recieve. :D I really, really try to be unique... and of course, have it be good too. Wouldn't be good if I were unique but made pieces of crap.

"This song has such a great balance of ambient, trance, and orchestral"
And getting that balance took a very long time of tweaking, planning, mixing, composing, and stuff. x.x Don't know where you got the trance from, but okay, awesome! Means I got another genre in there by accident! :D

"Amazing work, I look forward to listening to you're next song!"
Hey! Hey! Hey! Guess what? ^_^ I have five songs I've posted after this, the most notable of which is Ipex#836 - another mad hodgepodge of genres you would be surprised to hear together but somehow work.

Anyway. Thanks for the review! :)

What a slave driver, Not only did you make me have to log in, but you made me have to favorite your song, favorite your page, download your song from adfly, and list to it 3 times in a row.

I could have been doing something more constructive with my life yah know! Ever think of the people that your perfectly balanced works of art inconvience due to the inability to NOT highly enjoy such a perfectly transient song such as this?
No, no you dont!

SkyeWint responds:

I NEVER think of the people who my songs inconvenience in that way, and I will drive them over and over. >:D Now go listen to my other miscellaneous music, slaves!

...darn it. Now I need to masquerade as some other kind of artist or something so people won't figure this out again.

Very soothing song, this makes my ears cry tears of happiness.

SkyeWint responds:

Your ears cried tears of- ...okay, that image you put in my head is very very weird. But. I take it that it's a good thing, so.... good! :D

Wow i am just in a daze, its all such an amzing song, i xtremely love the way you transition through it all, and i cannot thank you enough for making this piece of musical art, i am by far blown away, please keep making amazing music, my ears thank you. :0)

SkyeWint responds:


Transitions are... something of a specialty of mine. ;) I work VERY hard on them.

I will most definitely continue making music - I'm *hoping* to get a song that's kind of a cross between electronic jazz, DnB, dubstep, atmospheric, and, oh, with a few strings and a ton of SFX mixed in just for fun.

I thank your ears for listening. :D And thank you for reviewing~

I believe I may have heard an earlier version of this at some point. Regardless, it's a great piece with an excellent mix of various genres and styles, between a very calm and laid back ambient feel and a strong battle feel. Chords are well selected and I love your use of tasteful dissonance. Here you've managed also to use cymbals well for your transitions, unlike many others.

The one thing that bothers me is the 'zap' sounds going on during the orchestral part, but that's just me being a stickler for orchestral. XD

I find it hard to place this piece as similar in style to any composers, but it does at time remind me of the original menu music to Civilization III if you have ever heard it, and some of the music in that game, but of course, produced at considerably higher quality.

I do have to say that it is very amazing to see such a long production... almost seven minutes is incredible regardless of style. I can hardily imagine how many instruments and different effects you had going on it and it is impressive you completed this in only one month... it's like a full score in one single piece... I can hardly find an issue with production, although the orchestral instruments do sound a bit weak in the battle part... not sure why.

Great work on this, I wish I could offer more constructive critique, but I'm afraid I cannot think of much... there are few flaws. :D

Keep compos(ed/ing)!

SkyeWint responds:

Samulis! Hey there!

"an earlier version"
...um, yes, you did. You heard this when I had just finished the orchestral part (and I used some of your feedback for completing it), and heard it when it was done as well, before I posted it.

"excellent mix of various genres and styles"
Mixing the two genres took SUCH a long time. x.x I can't even begin to express the amount of pain I went through getting them to transition properly.

"Chords are well selected and I love your use of tasteful dissonance."
Coming from a master of tasteful dissonance, I thank you very much for that compliment.

"you've managed also to use cymbals well"
I work extra-ultra-mega-hard on transitions, and beat myself up over transitions that most people would call 'awesome'.

"the 'zap' sounds"
Oh yeah, that's part of the extensive transitions in and out of the orchestral bit, since they're reminiscent of the more ambient sections. I tried to at the very least keep them in-key.

"I find it hard to place this piece as similar in style to any composers"
YES. YES. YES! THIS is possibly the best compliment you could have given me. I want to be different from other composers. And if I have to do insane stuff like this in order to get that, then I will. :D

"original menu music to Civilization III, but of course, produced at considerably higher quality."
1. I own Civ III, so yes, I do know it, and yeah, I see how it's somewhat reminiscent.
2. ...holy crap. I honestly don't know what to do with this giant flood of compliments you're giving me. I seriously love the Civ III soundtrack and respect it as some of the best music I've heard. So... wow.

"I can hardily imagine how many instruments and different effects you had going on it"
No need to. I had... 30 instruments if you don't count each percussion instrument individually, and... 69 if you do. As for effects, I surprisingly had no SFX in there whatsoever (unless you count one of the percussion things as SFX - it was the ambient non-drum-or-orchestral percussion, one of the hits you hear in the beginning, and then the reverse cymbals and stuff. The percussion with the echoes. Buuuuut, in the case of FX on instruments, I had... ...er. 52 different VSTs in my mixer, not counting things like Guitar Rig 5 (which has multiple FX things inside the VST). So yeah. Ton of crap. Actually, less than what I have in the song I'm about to be posting...

"it is impressive you completed this in only one month"
...I could have gotten it done a lot faster, honestly. But you know, school and stuff. Makes it a tad difficult to focus.

"it's like a full score in one single piece"
Okay, that has a definite reason behind it. The entire piece is meant to sum up a webcomic that's like. 1528 pages long. And counting. ...granted, it'll eventually not sum up the whole thing, but when I finished it, it did.

"the orchestral instruments do sound a bit weak in the battle part"
The orchestral instruments are weak. :< I really should get EWQL Symphonic Orchestra or something, shouldn't I... Tch. Ra first, then Stormdrum, then Symphonic Orchestra!

"there are few flaws. :D"
Hey look, I made a pyramid. But yeah. That pretty much explains my happiness about that comment.

"Keep compos(ed/ing)!"
Can/will do! You too, Samulis.


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4.26 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2012
12:38 PM EDT
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6 min 37 sec

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