MadFleX vs Teqneek

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This is a side battle between MadFleX and Teqneek, initiated by a drunken challenge.

Verse 1- MadFleX
Verse 2- Teqneek

Beat by Allrounda Productions

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Slightly difficult to understand but I'll try and judge anyway.

MadFlex - Drunk line is okay, Texcuses is an awesome line since Teq is a pretty arrogant fuck with no shortage of hot air. Nimbus carbon copy is heavy as hell. Couldn't hang with John Dean is another nice hit. Message board line is a bit of an inside reference, might be relevant but I don't care. Imitation is another very hard hitting line, warp zone is clever (I usually don't remark on filler). Immortal Technique is lame since the two MCs have absolutely nothing in common. Soldier line may or may not be relevant, I don't know if MadFlex has served in the military although I know Teqneek has. Flo from Progressive is another brilliantly clever bar. Cynic, Suddle or Scuare is decent but doesn't get in-depth enough to hit hard, you could have expanded on this diss rather than stick in a bunch of filler before it. Turn nothing into news is nice, especially since you just busted 32 bars over this guy.

Teqneek - Karaoke line is a personal but doesn't do that much damage. Paramedics is an okay flip to the soldier line. Vanished from competition is a little ironic since you got him to battle in the first place. 'Talking to you' is an example of how MadFlex spits better filler between personals. Bowing out during conquest is a really nice line since this was uploaded before the finals (which Teqneek won!)

I'd still hand this to Flex by a landslide. Came with more personals, harder personals, better filler AND better flow.

Kind of cool to see MadFlex has beaten all of the other winners of the NGHH competitions (Cynic was the real winner of 2010) except for Scuare. Too bad he's retired from battle 'cause I'd love to see a MadFlex vs Scuare.

Finkle is Carefoot...

Laces out, you crazy asshole!

This is about as good as an INTERNET battle can be as Flex beast modes on Teqs unoriginal plaid shirt wearing ass. Multi rounds make me puke (ie. week wait between verses). Flex is a good guy, clowns Teq here and I listen to this whenever I want to know the difference between an argyle pattern and a plain square checkerboard. I plan on sampling the fuck out of this verse Teq in clab this year. Portal teqneek, and universally known as a biter line are my favorites here. Shoutout to Flex making me want to hit up the video real life leagues. Holy fuck and Teq you are officially unlistenable. I listen to just Flex and have to end the track. Die teq die!

fuckin awesome battle, crazy beat and Flex is so fucking delightfully animated, whoooo BOY

great bouncy raw detailed techniques- lovin it

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Lead Vocals

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Jun 6, 2012
6:24 PM EDT
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