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I'm The One That's Cool

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Author Comments


Completed this remix after learning someone (maybe jealous?)
was attempting to "cop my style" so to speak and even created a website attempting to replicate me
as they saw me I suppose. *shrugs*

Imitation is flattery to me so not a biggie--
the lyrics in this song and the associated video honestly do
relay a circumstance which many deal with in either their
teenage or young adult life. For me, bullying began after I
started sharing what I was doing musically and artistically online.

TIGERM.NET was began because was often made aware that my contributions were being well received by the communities online I'd participate at (talking 14 years old+) would
let me know over and over what I was doing was liked.

However, jealous moderators and I suppose people "put in place" who were upset they spent their time making money
or over-watching people on the forums typically did not like that I'd make the sacrifices (time--the most valuable resource) to make and share my passion and art.

...And so would take it out on me.

Take downs.
Made up and manipulating of "guidelines." etc.

I would take much of it with a sunny disposition.
(Initially though, I would argue the point until
I learned "freedom of speech" meant zilch to
some "big bullies" turned into "moderators" online).

So in 2008 [yes at 23 years of age going on 24)
FINALLY decided to learn to just make a website
and thus began TIGERM.NET. =)

I've remained an UBER gamer (and have been since like 7 or 8! ^^) and although I haven't ever been really big on Comic Books in my teens I began reading the Manga "Love Hina!" in 2003 =)

I'm more of a "watch the show" kind of person =3
I'm no buff.. but I do enjoy movies, video games,
and anime and books alike. =3

I also have create my own original characters
(and have since I was like 8 or 9 when me and
my younger sister and younger brother would
role-play and "voice" for our pets and cars
and stuff like that! So let's just say learning
of places like Newgrounds and DeviantArt
for me honestly aided me to feel "we weren't alone! =3)

Speaking of someone attempting to replicate me,
and/or copy what it is I do (one using a similar name...)

Recently, this seems to have taken hold in the physical world
with an individual or two who have decided to follow me about
online and contact people they perceive as people who are close friends to me and spread rumors in order to arrange distance. ("divide and conquer" tactics possibly?)

I'm not worried. ^_^
God is in control.
And I don't question anything. =)

Heard this song around this time and thought it would make
an amazing remix especially the parts about Magic: The Gathering and "can't see my hand in front of my face" haha =)
(In fact... I have an astigmatism in both eyes
and my right eye has a bit more "seeing power"
than my left eye... but not by much =P <3 =)

I'm VERY near-sighted without my contact lenses or glasses
and me and my younger brother and I grew up playing MTG
throughout my teenage life at a Game Room in my hometown. =3

Having been home-schooled, I did not deal a lot with physical bullying on a school yard (thank gosh) but at the same time, the emotional level of this kind of thing is something I tend to be exposed to in one way or another it seems... =)

I honesty don't mind! Because it only makes my spirit stronger! >=O

Enjoy the remix and thank you for giving this one a listen!
Stay awesome everybody! =D

Peace & Love! ^_~*

Forever In Love With All That Which Exists
(That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown),
- Writer, Artist, Musician, DJ, Eternal Student & Being of Existence,
-WAM! TIGER M [Memoirs' Tuesday ! | \ [ * * <- <- <- * * ] / | ]
-5:28 PM (6/5/2012) [Eastern Standard Time, North-of-Equator]



In some parts there are a little too much instruments playing at the same time when vocals are in.

Needs a little more work in mastering too when I listen this in my headphones or maybe it's a lack of bitrate, I dunno.

TigerM responds:

Critics talk.
Artists walk! =)

Thank You for listening in my friend.

-WAM! DJ, TIGER M! ^_~*

This Is TIGER M! =)

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Credits & Info


4.15 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2012
5:04 PM EDT
File Info
11.8 MB
7 min 13 sec

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Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.