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Dont be confused, still staying upbeat here but trying to be intimate as well. Still experimenting with this sound i've been tinkering with but leaving the mix a little dirty and letting sounds and white noise bleed in. Hope you enjoy!

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great! you did a great job singing and playing i look forward to hear more

Linktrx responds:

Thanks so much!!

Listened to it for about 5 hours and i memorized the lyrics (didn't take that long i just love this song) so i called my friend on Teamspeak and sung this to 13 people and they asked who made it i sent em here, you my friend have a great voice very great to listen to, and the guitar is relaxing, usually i like upbeat shit but this is quite awesome(: So, Good job

Linktrx responds:

Wow!! Im glad you enjoyed it so much!!! and thanks haha i really am happy to hear that people are enjoying it :)

Nice work on the guitar. Lyrics are well written and thought out. Everything about this song is near perfect, so I can't really critique anything. One thing I would like to point out though would be the higher pitched vocal. Rather than singing an octave higher, I think it would sound better if they harmonised. I think around 1:58 you had ago at it, but to be honest I don't think it worked that well.

If you're putting this together in a DAW, I think it would be best if you recorded your vocals a few times so that you can layer then. The imperfections in your voice from singing again and again (only a few cents) will create some nice phasing and thicken up your vocals. I think they could use a touch more reverb too.

Awesome work man! Favourited ;)

Linktrx responds:

I do use a DAW (protools 8) and actually thats what i do in a lot of songs but i guess i was trying to strip away ad be a little more intimate here. Yeah the harmony needs a little work and i plan to go back and tweak it a bit. The octave vocal was more or less a new sound i had been working with recently and i plant to continue working with it. Thanks so much for the review man i really appreciate it and im glad you enjoyed it too :D

Whole thing reminds me of Sufjan Stevens. Guitar sounds really cool - has this percussive quality to it. The mix didn't strike me as particularly dirty, but maybe my ears just suck. I didn't really notice the white noise until I read your comments about it. 1:58 had sick fucking harmonies. You have a nice voice. Nicely done.

Linktrx responds:

Thanks so much for the praise :D The "dirtiness"of the track comes from a lot of bleeding from one track to another by which i mean that when i would record a new track i let what was already recorded be picked up by the mics. The result was some extra resonance which you can hear if you listen close and the white nose which you picked up on, but i suppose it might not have had such a noticeable impact as i thought haha. Again, thanks so much for the review :)

The lyrics mixed with the rythm and melody itself rings out as melodramatic and I suppose thats the message, and with my life now I really relate to the complete song itself. Very nice, captures exactly how the emotions I'm going through. bittersweet. I love it.

Linktrx responds:

Hey, Im glad it was relatable to you!, the song is pretty bittersweet and thats how most things are in life haha thanks for giving it a listen :D

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Jun 4, 2012
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