The Trecherous Knight

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Howdy all!

A short orchestral game loop here... melody came to me today while walking and I couldn't resist writing something in 7/8, so I quickly jotted it down and wrote it up when I got home.

Feel free to use this in your non-commercial game or movie following the terms in the standard Newgrounds [CC] license (By-NC-SA). If you have a commercial project, message/email me first so we can discuss terms.


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Epic song, it's really suspenseful. The only thing that kind of annoyed me was that it sounded like it was slowly building up for a really epic climax, and just as I thought the best part was coming it went a lot softer :\

5/5 anyways, great :D

samulis responds:

Yeah, that's a common theme about loops. :P

Hey there! Finally getting around to reviewing this, sorry for the delay! And let's see, you already know how I review, so -clap- let's get to it then!

-Very nice samples, as usual, though that's to be expected.
-No mixing issues this time, no random little buzzing noises. :D Wooohoooooo!
-The melodies and harmonies are right on track for the most part, though there are a few little things that I'll get into.
-Nice 7/8 bit, though it's a bit misleading, since it kind of changes back to 4/4 at 0:36. This isn't a bad thing, which is why it's still in the good, just thought I'd take note of it. :)
-I like the chord progression, it's a very nice one.
-The first 29 seconds are VERY nice and build up quite well. ...after that, well, I'll speak to you about that.

THE NOT-SO-GOOD: I apologize, you're going to be getting a bit more here than usual. :<
-There's quite a bit of dissonance in the 0:29-0:36 with the violin, and it isn't your usual tasteful dissonance, as the rest of the song is quite consonant and this dissonance is out-of-place.
-The transition at 0:36 is a tad sketchy and seems unfinished. Everything just... stops. Then there's the low strings that, while sounding quite good, don't quite fit with the last bit. Everything was building up, and it sounded like some epic amazing stuff was about to happen. ...but then nothing, unfortunately.
-The second part of this seems fairly dull, and not really that fitting of the title (0:36 onward). While yes, it brings a good second section to the song, it needs a bit more ambition, and as I said, a better transition to it. To tell the truth, it seems like you had the great idea for the first part of it, and then realized "...crap, I don't know what I'm going to do with the rest of this".
-From 1:10 to 1:20, it seems fairly dull and there's too little going on.
-After 1:20, the lead-up to the end where it loops is rather simple, and it's seems like you actually started the song at... 1:24, and then used Audacity or a similar program to put that at the end, looping some of the actual song's end into it. Could be a tad cleaner.

Other than that, you're good. This could use a lot more work than your other songs, it really does seem like you had a lack of inspiration, and though the majority of it sounds really consonant and well-done, there is one part that's dissonant, as I said.

Good luck!


samulis responds:

The truth of the matter was, I hit the roof with the velocity of the instrument and was getting some peaking issues, as well as the fact that adding a third buildup would probably seem a bit too much in my opinion... besides, the transition into that quiet counter in C popped into my head and I didn't want to go too far past a minute, as it is a mere game loop.

I know you like longer pieces with more ideas, but game loops seem to be more direct and without too much motion. Yes, one of these days I will write a long continuous piece to satisfy all those people who keep bothering me about not developing themes enough. XD

The ending was actually built in Finale itself, so no fancy post-editing there (I only use Soundbooth to convert songs and check them for peaking issues, my process is very WYHIWYG). A short buildup is, at least in my eyes, one of the best ways to make a seamless loop... and that loop is pretty darn tight compared to other 'looping' songs.

Thanks for your great review though, as always. It's good to hear some good critique on what I should work on for future pieces. :)


Nice. I first heard of you from the Zelazon collab. Nice work you did there. Anyway, I quite enjoyed this. If it wasn't in 7/8 (or whatever crazy time signature it was) the intro could've fooled me into thinking it was Coldplay. Might I ask: where do you get these instrument sounds from? I have a hunch it's one of those bajillion dollar Kontakt packs or something, but I could be wrong. My strings sound like junk so I never use them. Also, the piece was structured really well - I mean, whenever it jumps back to the beginning of the loop, I don't notice it. Actually, I think you're going to the next NEXT part of the piece, and then I look up and it's at the beginning, and I'm kinda disappointed. This thing could definitely be fleshed out. Nicely done - cheers!

samulis responds:

The instruments are from EWQL Symphonic Orchestra, which fits in your description of "bajillion dollar packs", although it isn't designed to work with Kontakt.

After I finished the first part on the strings, I did think of Viva La Vida, but the progression is different and the orchestration considerably different as well. (VLV is in 4/4, not 7/8, I believe).

Mmh, a nice piece of work. Sounds like sweet candy. First part is great. I wish I have this quality of instrument. I like the ending slow down like a mastermind thinking of something dark and dangerous.

Sweet piece, sweet melodies. :-D

samulis responds:

Thanks, Kristian. :)

You're getting better at writing reviews, my friend!

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