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C23~Blue 15

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Author Comments

Sup, this is the second 'color and number' song (but this one is a finished one).

I used 'Heavy Compression' mastering instead of 'Hard Limiting' this time thus it might sound a bit different (or not).

I worked 6 hours straight on this, and I consider this quite some work. ^^

Made with FL 10.



Amazing. Every song seems to sound better and better.
Even though you have way more knowledge about music like this, here is my stubborn opinion and critisism. :)

I love it. I'm always a fan of simple intros, so I'm certainly not negative about that. It's really different from the rest of the piece though. Maybe you could get some piano or similar sounding instruments in the rest of the song, so the intro is more of a preview?

As I said before, the piano sounds amazing. The orchestral instrument gives it the idea of a song instead of a string of notes.
You always have really different music lines. Great originality. Where do you get all that inspiration from? I'm really jealous.
Of course, when the beat starts to come in it starts to sound like a full song. As I haven't carefully gone through your previous songs I can't say what familiar elements are in there, but I do want to say that I really like it. Especially the higher part that starts at 1:26. That's probably what I like most about this song. I always like catchy bits that get stuck in my head. If something like that works, you can always expect a high mark from me.

The quiet part is something really different. But because you used something of the first part in it, this part works. I can't explain it differently. It is a welcome difference from the first part.
I think it's the tension that's the same as with the first part. (And of course a few of the same series of notes). Anyway, This part is pretty close to the catchy part in terms of good-soundingness.
It's also a plus that you didn't make this part drag on too long. Not because it's not good, but because otherwise a great part of the song will become slow. You already have a pretty long intro, and I wouldn't like if a too big part of the song will become as slow as some of your other songs.

And then, yay, bell sounds. I don't think you'll ever forget where the bells are in FL10 :D. You manage to find a place for them in your songs very often, and I'm happy that you do. For me that's the biggest characteristic of C-23/NLC.

As with the intro, the ending is long. With the intro I didn't really mind, but I thought the ending dragged on a bit too long. My unexperienced ears didn't get bored, but did find it too long.

The hit at 0:22 is a great transition. It gives full attention to the extra instruments put in there. I felt like you could've done something a bit different at 0:43 though. Maybe the same sound but a few times in a row? Something that doesn't make it sound like you put three intros in the same song, separated by a hit of a drum-like instrument.
The beat going faster from 0:54 to 1:04 is a classic transition. Although I hear it really often, it does fit there. For originality, you could make a different rhythm. This is nitpicking though.
There isn't a transition between every part, and I really don't mind. In fact, I think it would be irritating if there would be a transition every time. So great job on that.

I'm getting to the final thousand characters now, so I'm finishing my review. Know that I think this is maybe your best song yet. It isn't one that fits into the style of music I like, but It still definitely deserves a 9. You can hear each of the six hours you put in it.
By the way, I'll get to reviewing your other songs soon.

Review request club

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Chrausner responds:

This is the longest review you've written. O_O

Achieve inspiration...through determination...=)

Thanks for the feedback. I really DO want to make each transition different, but I don't have other samples. =\

Interesting sounding.

I like the imagery that I get for this. Very sci-fi, with notes of either WipEout racing, or some sort of large, lumbering spacecraft being prepared for launch into the cosmos (Starcraft?) It's certainly something that makes me want to see it presented as a part of either a game, or a movie sequence, to really see the interpretation of an artist or two, to see if their ideas match my own.

From the classical sound of the piano, to start, this piece blends nicely into the futuristic sounds, slowly overwhelming the piano and practically drowning it out. I think that you could stand to tone down the drum & bass a little, to give the piano more of a role in the piece, all told.

A nice use of sound effects through the piece gives a few more avenues potentially worth exploration, for expansion purposes. Certainly something that I have come to enjoy, despite not being all that overawed the first time I listened to it.

[Review Request Club]

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Chrausner responds:

Thanks for the review. I can imagine the piano being used more, and that would be a better thing.

the beginning was interesting to note,since there was just a single piano voice. I find it to be the norm of alot of these types of songs,stylistically. it's not a bad thing going with the flow,maybe going with something different might keep people from assuming the stereotype from the beginning.Also,I feel like you had some pretty awesome themes,BUT I also feel that you didn't really develop them,turn them into something grand.I also felt that the song wasn't "loud" enough for those little "escapes"(not sure what to call them).

now,the beat itself was very jumpy for something of a minor tonality,and the chord progression and melody were different from the stereotype that this style carries. I find it interesting how you're working with this genre. I like the ideas that your putting in,but you just have to put a little more development in them for them to truly stand out.

Review Request Club

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Chrausner responds:

Thanks for the review. Yeah, I found this not to be a totally completed piece of work and developed, actually, and it could do much better.

Gotta love the opening.

I love, I really LOVE openings with piano plays such as these (just like ForeverBound - This is it). The piano plays a smooth, yet touching opening, with other instruments slowly kicking in. It's not too fast; it's not too slow, the intro is perfect, which is something that you haven't accomplished yet before.

Then, usually after the drums start, I get (not even with your songs mostly) a climax thrown at my head, while your song still builds up. The effects strengthen that too. Well done, by the way.

Then just before the two-minute-point, I hear the familiar 'Courage' line, I liked that too, nice add.
At any rate, the the songs has great deals of variation, also at 2:55 with the drums(!), loved that too.

The song's almost perfect apart from the fact that your build-down takes slightly too long. It's not a great deal for me (hence the 5/5), but some inexperienced ears might get bored quickly of such a feat.

Now a quick recap:
-Things I liked-

- Intro
- Instruments used
- Great deal of variation
- Drums
- Mastering
- Oh look a chair

Then of course, I do not need to make a list of shit I didn't like, since I did not not like anything. Job greatly done; 5/5, 5/5, fave and fdsfds.

Sorry for the late review :D

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Chrausner responds:

He he, thanks. Actually, I want to fix the bass and brass notes a bit since it doesn't flow perfectly throughout the center of the song. Your review, of course, certifies me that I don't need much change at all! =)

Nice, ga zo door ;)

~Forever Bound

Chrausner responds:


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4.48 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2012
6:18 AM EDT
Video Game
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