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Full title: 15th Dimension - Set Me Free [Ft. TheDigitalPursuit]

Instrumental version coming soon.

I didn't have as long to work on this song as I would've liked, so it isn't quite up to my current quality standards but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

Find TheDigitalPursuit @ http://www.youtube.com/Th eDigitalPursuit

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http://soundcloud.com/15t h-Dimension
http://www.youtube.com/15 thDimension


Danny's Verse:

Stop, take a moment, let's put this life on replay
Someone help me understand, I'm hearing things in shades of grey

When I find I have to rely on so many things around
I find myself struggling to contemplate the sound

Of time ticking on with opportunities come and gone
Arbitrary choices with no motive to act upon

They live like it's a chance to win a war never fought
But I'm changing anyway if the world's ready or not

Yo, when I look into the world I feel I'm at a loss
But I know there must be a way to get my message across

The words that come out keep taking stumbles and falls
Cause now God's the only one who still here taking my calls

Yo, when I gaze into the sky I reach a new degree
Of height in understanding of how I don't know currently

Just what it is that you alone can feel about what I say
Not sure if you're there, but I'm countin' on it either way


You can't hear me
But you're the only one who can hear me

So why don't you see
You're the only one can set me free

Logan's Verse:

Yo you're the only one who can hear me
All these other people just can't see

All they do is just listen to my voice
Now I'm starting to question if they even have a choice

You know I'm just trying to put my message out there
But you are completely unaware

Nobody else can understand what I'm trying to say
But maybe you will if i hope and i pray

Sometimes I will wish upon a shooting star
Even though it might sound a little bit bizarre

I don't know if I'm making myself clear enough
I feel like the path I'm taking is getting a little bit rough

Let me try to make myself a little bit clearer
Come closer to me, maybe just a little bit nearer

Alright, now that you a here and you can see
Listen to the sound of my voice and maybe you can finally hear me


Everyone can be a critic, but not everyone can do what you do. Keep it up.

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sick :) keep the good stuff going

Danny's verse as in your verse? If so, you're amazing. If not, you're amazing. The vocals mesh very well with the music.

Indeed you need a little bit work with the quality.

I agree with the other two reviewers.

15thDimension responds:

Thanks for leaving a review!

very good voice,nice rhythm with Danny but Logan had a much different. i would suggest using only one voice, or getting a metronome. it seemed that to keep in beat, Danny would stretch his words out, but Logan would squash his together. other than that, this was great! good job :D

15thDimension responds:

I definitely agree, thanks for the review!

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