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I sometimes get this intense longing for something great. It sometimes manifests itself in a burning desire to drop everything and move to another country. Force myself to learn the language through total immersion and become swept away in the struggle to live in a culture that is foreign to me. Other times the longing is to get out of the daily grind and push my comfort zone. Hike a mountain or try to rough it in the wilderness. Doing the same thing everyday though, living in such a comfortable little box of repetition though? That becomes suffocating at times, and the yearning washes over me.

This loop, while a few years old, represents that feeling. What do you do to get outside the grind of daily life and make yourself feel alive? What do you yearn for?

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The young man had an awful looking apartment, located downtown. He had never finished college, and is living similar to a hermit within his own home. No job, no money, and bottles of alcoholic drinks littered the floor.

While he was on his computer, wasting away his life, he looked outside and saw a beautiful woman, about his age. Blue, wavy hair, a great complexion, it was as if God himself had placed the perfect woman right before this man's eyes.

As he looked upon the young woman, she started to communicate with her other friends. "Communicate.." he thought. He had to communicate....That was it. That was his answer.

He turned away from the window, turned off his computer, took a long shower, in which he hadn't for weeks, and for the first time for at least a month, he walked out of his apartment, "Yearning" for the desire that was placed before him...

Another story for the Dragon of the Blaze! How's it going?

magnificat12 responds:

Not what I would have imagined, but that story fits! It's very descriptive. Also, bonus points for proper grammar and good style!

The story made me smile. It's amazing how woman's beauty can turn a sloth into a productive, hygienic man, eh? :p

Anywho, I'm doing well! One of my pieces was used in a game on Cartoon Network, and I just wrote music for a really good short film. I also joined a rock/blues band as keyboardist and will start doing paid gigs soon. So lots of exciting things are happening! By the way, I just listened to Colorful Love. I didn't know that you uploaded any music, and that piece was really good! You should make some more and let me know. After the number of reviews that you've left me, I would love to throw one your direction.

(This is BlazingDragon, btw. Magnificat12 is my brother's vacant account that I use to upload short loops, old work, etc)

I can completely connect with the constrained cadence of this composition, as if I'm constricted within the confines of its catacombs. It constantly and callously calls to a cacophonous conundrum caught in conflict with the caveats of the consciousness and concocted cares that can complicate one's cultural capacity.

That's a bit of a mouthful right there. I don't even know if I fully understand what I just wrote. I'm pretty sure it pertains to this piece, and it looks positive. Anyway, if whatever I wrote above has not already said it. I enjoy this work a lot. On the one hand, I feel safe and comforted by it, but I also feel the itching urge to break free from it, but I can't, because I secretly don't want to.

Good work, both of you.


magnificat12 responds:

I dub thee king of alliteration. I'm not sure any sense can be derived from it, but I certainly got a good laugh! :p

This is actually just an alt account for BlazingDragon. I generally use this one for uploading old works or experimental ideas. This piece is actually a few years old now, but I wanted to post it.

Thanks for another solid review. I don't remember if I've ever asked, but do you play any instruments? Let me know in the next review, lol. :)

"BIttersweet" is a perfect tag for it. Love the pacing of it, the way almost every note comes juuuust a little later than you'd expect it to. Nailed the feel you were going for, imo.

magnificat12 responds:

That slight delay is somewhat representative of the hesitation I feel before going outside my comfort zone. I wasn't thinking any of that when the piece was written, but it fits. :p Thank you for the review.

This sounds heavenly.

magnificat12 responds:

Thank you very much.

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May 28, 2012
9:19 PM EDT
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