The Kingdom (NG-OP 100)

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EDIT: Thanks for the great comments, everyone! I have uploaded a slightly better version with better mixing.

For over two years, I have been submitting my work to Newgrounds and today I have reached a milestone in that work- my 100th audio submission to Newgrounds. In respect to that, I have put together a piece the likes of which I have never created before- it is longer than, more varying than, and hopefully greater than any previous piece I have tried to make, in an attempt to manifest the things I have learned and the styles I have developed over these two years. This piece means a lot to me, and it has been a work that has taken many hours more than any other, and consumed and bothered me more than any other as well.

This song is organized in a more traditional four-movement form common of a symphony. Aside from being extremely short compared to a symphony, it differs in the sense that most symphonies are bound together by a common theme or key, but this one is bound together by tempo- the entire song (albeit parts where it slows down) is at 80 BPM.

The four movements:
1. Maestoso con Brio (majestic with vigor)- (0:00-1:30)
2. Obscuro alla Marcia (dark, as/like a march)- (1:33-3:04)
3. Dolce e Grazioso (Sweetly and Gracefully)- (3:05-4:10)
4. Brillante Con Brio (Brilliantly, with Spirit)- (4:11-5:17)

You can also interpret the movements as characters (thus the title):
1. The Emperor
2. The Soldier
3. The Villager
4. The Hero

Movement 1 starts off quiet and dark, but rises slowly to a lofty timbre over time. Of the several people who have heard this piece before, they seem to like this movement the best.

Movement 2 is dark through and through until the finale. Horns and trumpets hold dominance here, subjugating even the lofty violins from movement 1. The song is filled with dissonance, combat and a steady beat in the second half.

Movement 3 is a total reversal from movement 2, relaxing and calm, and is both basic and archaic in form, being almost entirely I-IV-V as a folk or church song might be.

Movement 4 is like a charismatic commander preparing his men for combat with an arousing speech. The F min -> F maj motif repeats several times, each time more embellished, until it resolves further into a strong finale.

-created using Finale 2009 and EWQL Symphonic Orchestra-

Please, by all means, feel free to review the piece or comment on what you interpret parts as or such... I really LOVE to hear what people think when they hear the music.

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Just wonderful. I like the little details which can be heard if you just listen good enough, e.g. the decent background bells and decent use of the harp. Great that you split it up into four movements which are very different to each other with nice thematic progression. Did not know finale to sound that good!!! I am using logic pro and the string sets @ brass ensemble cant compare with this. Love the conceptional clarity of the track...

Thanks for submitting your work here. Keep it up!

Best wishes

samulis responds:

Thanks, glad you like it. I am indebted to EWQL virtual instruments and finale's partial compatibility with them to produce the sound I somehow manage to. This piece really was about different ideas combined in an unlikely way, and I'm glad that showed through. :)

Thanks for the good review!

Perfectly Perfect :)

samulis responds:

Thanks. :)

Ultra mega super epic

samulis responds:

W00t! (psyched I got a comment from the king of ultra mega super epic himself!)

I'm glad I decided to listen to this... Good work :)

samulis responds:

Howdy there! Thanks for giving it a listen. Welcome to Newgrounds by the way. :)

Feel free to send me a message when you put up your work, I'd be glad to give it a listen regardless of genre.

8 days later . . . . I got back on Newgrounds Inbox and find a message and I return back to the Music Portal where my rating belongs.

I love it! Just how I like my music these days lol, original.

samulis responds:

Glad to see my message wasn't just hot air. :D

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May 27, 2012
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