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i was on my brothers computer today and noticed that he had the fl10 demo so i spent an hour or so on this it's been a long time and i didn't have much time to make it but alas i did it anyways. yes yes yes its riddled with problems but remember fl10 "demo" not much i can do with it and its been almost a year since i did anything with it. that and i only had like 3 hours to make it. i think its ok but quite repetitive (a lot of copy paste).

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This is pretty good for a "meh" song! Face it...you actually DO give a fuck!

decoyultimatum responds:

thank you i have a lot of music background so i do care

Pretty good, only i'd consider this a little more... chill i guess than trance.
You could have used a different drum sample, but this one fits pretty well further into the song.
The bell's intro is a tad long, but fades into the background excellently. Just heard this, but there is a break in the Noise lead around 2:13.
I really enjoyed the overlapping of the noise lead, as well as the chord progression. The glide synth was good.
However, the bells we not on the same progression as the other synths. the synths gave a minor feelings, whereas the bells gave a happy, more Major feeling. My advice on the bells, is make them slightly quieter when they fade into the background, and perhaps on the second arpegiaiton, lower the top root note down a half step, or play around with something similar.

I hope i am of some help!

decoyultimatum responds:

thats a good idea to fade the bells. ill try that once i can

Im reviewing this cause you reviewed mine, your drums have about no taste as a cracker from a church. Might as well not even put them in. The melody was boring and slow not considered trance.

The ending just stopped there was really no thought put into it.

You shouldn't really be reviewing when your music is as bland as this.

BTW your drums lack in every single song. No emotion. Can hardly hear them.

decoyultimatum responds:

emotion? oh your just a confused little guy arent you? although saying that probably made you mad didnt it??
how can you say something has no emotion?are you in my body? do you feel my emotions? do you feel the emotions i feel while listening to and while making my music? i know for a fact that several other people felt something form my music and this song in particular.
your respond to that would be we dont have any tatse then right??
judging on a personal preference well thats low dont you think? wasnt that what slavery was all about and segregation? white people being dominant over black people because white mans personal preference??
i told you that you shouldnt post 15 second loops because a lot of people hate 15 second loops. i could make a 15 second loop in 10 minutes. the point is that you need to put more work into it if you want more people to respect the loop. at least do 30 seconds.
yes the ending just stopped. why you ask?? because you can hear the bells ring at the end. it sounds like bells and chimes in the distant wind. i was going to slow tempo more and fade out but i liked the cut off so i did think about it. you cant decide if i put any cognitive thought into anything.
all this is to bad really because your music inst that bad. its sad really that your review doesnt reflect your music. oh well your loss.

This is definitely NOT trance. It sounds more like chillout, trip-hop, or even ambient. Clearly downtempo, to say the least. Still, I do like it - it makes good listening music. Might be a bit short, and the bells are kind of repetitive, but otherwise, you've done a good job for only 3 hours worth with a demo version of FL Studio. Keep up the good work. ^^

decoyultimatum responds:

:P lol i did put it in trance didnt i
this song is anything but trance for the most part there isnt a single dance beat in there and it isnt up beat at all. ahh well i wonder what i thought i had it in.
i plan on adding some variation to the bells so they are not as repetitive. i dont think i will extend the time any though i had enough trouble making it this long and someone is going to remix it so ill leave that to him

Sounds interesting. The bells add to the song, but get a bit repetitive. I would suggest keeping the bells at a lower volume because it felt like they were overpowering the other instruments of this song. Also try adding some additional instruments, and I didn't really like the snare, it sounded too... staticy? for my tastes. Interesting, but needs improvement.

decoyultimatum responds:

i plan to add some variation to the bells and bring them down later in the song thanks for the suggestion though. as for the drums im not touching them. i have no idea what to do withem lol

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May 27, 2012
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