New Friends

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Some uplifting breakbeat for all the new friends now and in the future.
Thanks a lot for everyone's support, hope you enjoy this one =]


Points for being unique, and I liked the clash of piano against harder instruments. I thought it was a touch repetitive in the first minute or so, but every song I make is repetitive, so I can't go berating you, now, can I?

Can't stress enough - love the contrasting instruments throughout the song. Definitely a plus. As the previous review said, I'm not sure if it's really "drum and bass", but I can hear the breakbeat. One bit I'd say is to be a bit more creative with those drums! It's a lot of fun to play with breakbeat patterns! I have more trouble with synth creativity with any sort of DnB, so I don't really touch it, but the percussion is my only forte.... Even if it's more mezzo forte than anything.

I'm getting sidetracked. I love the song, but I'd play more with the percussion for sure. Great work!

YakovlevArt responds:

Great review!
The way I see creating melodies for dnb is to not be intimidated or bothered by the drums. Just make whatever you think sounds nice on it's own w/o the drums and then add the drums, usually if the melody is good the drums will help.

I put it in the dnb category because there is not a more specific sub category of dnb like drumstep/breakbeat.
Just like b4 ng got many audio portal updated people would put dubstep in the dnb category becasue there wasn't a dubstep selection XD

Well, the most I can say for actual feed back is that the ending was all sweet and nice, and left you feeling a bit lonely/softly, but does that really fit "Drum N Bass?"

It was a very unique and interesting feel for a Drum N Bass from what I know.

Early on your repetitive-nes until around the 30 second mark could have been something diffrent, but from 40 and on when it came back it played well...

I liked what you layered onto it, but I just didn't get very well into the actual rhythm that you set as the "norm" and always went back to. I don't know much about writing electronic music, but I'm trying to act like I do. :p

I loved most of what came in and around in the middle of the song for sure, especially the way you went back to the norm around 1:30~1:50 :p

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YakovlevArt responds:

Cool review man, really dig it.
This is a subgenre of Drum N Bass if anything becasue the beat is of Breakeat origins XD
Well the beat is breakbeat lol. I did want the track to be short and have this sort of ending becasue I wanted to really play with the piano and the melody behind it. So the ending is kind of like a breakdown displaying only the true nature of the track witch is the piano. So lonely/softly is not exactly a bad thing on my end.
The reason you can say it was repetitive in the "intro" because...well, it's the intro (somewhat). It is laying the base for the track and what kind of music you are listening. I didn't want the track to be all over the place and go too far from it's base and what the track was about. So having a few seconds of the same is not necessarily a negative XD
Either way I greatly appreciate the detailed review.
Thanks and I hope my response answered any confusion over the track and the reasons for it.

This is layered and intricate and has a lot of interesting twists and turns. It takes a few listens to discover what's really going on, but that's a positive thing to me. Nice use of pauses as well, I'm adding this to my favourites!

I'm hoping that this review is not plain mean, offensive, or generally unhelpful.

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YakovlevArt responds:

Great review!
I totally understand what you mean about multiple listens, becasue I do the same to other tracks that interest me.
I'm glad you like the track. Hopefully you will feel the same towards my future tracks XD

I like this a lot! This is a great little upbeat song. Sure would get me out of a bad mood or a sad mood. It reminds me of some sort of happy ending on a tv show. Can't remember what it was though... Anyways, good song.

5 / 5

Good beats that change slightly to give more depth to the song
Nice tune that gets a backup bass line that sounds great together.
Over all the beats, sounds, and music work well together.

Btw: I didn't forget about you. :)

YakovlevArt responds:

I like this review becasue I agree.
Excellent review also, thanks for getting back at me =]

I do not even go to this page but I received your message and listening to your song idk i just feel happy and in peace ty for make this and ty for seend the message i hope you never stop make music.

sorry for my english

all my power to you from mexico :3

YakovlevArt responds:

haha, yeah seems like many people forget this site after some time. But I hope now you will stay on the site longer and check out my other tracks!
Thanks for the awesome comments! Don't worry, i won't stop making music for a while XD

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May 26, 2012
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Drum N Bass
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