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Full title: "Game Gear Sonic 2- Green Hills Zone Piano"

Here is a piano/electronic remix of the stage BGM Green Hills Zone from the Game Gear version of Sonic 2.

Anyone familiar with the Japanese/European release of Sonic CD may note how this song is nearly identical to "Toot, Toot Sonic Warrior" [IE: The intro theme from the Japan/Europe release of Sonic CD]. The interesting thing is that the Game Gear version of Sonic 2 was released almost a year before Sonic CD was. Strange, isn't it?

This is a collaboration between me and John "EspioKaos" Weeks.

MIDI Sequenced by John Weeks. Additional composing and arrangement by Dr. Mack Foxx.

MIDI modified and used with permission. Please note: I do have written permission to post this from John Weeks.

I reply to all reviews so feel free to leave one. :)


I made an account just to comment on this. I really makes me happy to see remixes of the Sonic Master System games. It bought back memory's. Thank you. I'm going to look for your other tunes now, hoping to see if you did the Jungle level. Sonic on the Master system is underrated

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DrMackFoxx responds:

Wow! Not every day someone signs up to leave a review on one of John Weeks' and my tunes. :) I have to agree: 8-Bit Sonic 2 is quite underrated. I hope you enjoy browsing our existing songs and future releases. ^_^ Thank you very, very much for the excellent review! It is greatly appreciated. :)

Wow! Love this tune! Can u make a planet wisp one?

(For haters, Don't give me crap I enjoyed planet wisp!)

I also was wondering if you could make a sylvania castle zone one? (From Sonic 4 ep 2.)

5 stars! *****

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DrMackFoxx responds:

Hmmmm! Those are some good requests. The problem is my collaborator has not created any source material of those tracks nor do I know them well enough to attempt to sequence them myself. Sorry. :(

Still, great to see that you enjoyed this song a lot, as well and thank you very much for another excellent review! :)

i need a gg NOW

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DrMackFoxx responds:

Either that, or a Sega Master System, but, unless you live in Europe, you will have to import a copy of Sonic 2. ^_^; Thanks for another great review! Glad you enjoyed this tune. :)

And yet another example of improving a classic. Dammit. Now I really wanna grab my old Game Gear. But it doesn't work anymore. I has a sad.

Regardless, this is fantastic. The dips and dives of the music fit perfectly with the original to a strangely eerie degree, but that, in my opinion, is just the matter of a beautifully good ear. My thoughts on this: superb. Have yourself a perfect score... at least from me.

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DrMackFoxx responds:

Too bad the Game Gear is not as rugged as the original Gameboy, huh? Once the back-light goes out in those things, replacing it is difficult. I really appreciate you taking the time to check out and review my tunes so much. Thank you! ^_^ More tracks on the way!

this is another song i don't know of, but this is fast paced which makes it perfect for a sonic game, good job again, it's nice to see you have made more songs again

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DrMackFoxx responds:

Ah! Well, several more tracks are also on the way. ^_^ I would suggest going on YouTube or something and familiarizing yourself with the music from Game Gear/Master System Sonic 2. It's really quite good for an 8-bit soundtrack. :)

Thank you very much for another great review! I really appreciate it.

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