CLAB - suddle vs Richard

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CLABTRAP Competition 2012 - MC Knock Out
Round 3: suddlenuance. vs Richard J. Amtmann III
Beat by war-spawn

Verse 1 - suddlenuance.
Verse 2 - Richard J. Amtmann III
Verse 3 - suddlenuance.
Verse 4 - Richard J. Amtmann III

For more comp info check out CLABTRAP.com or bigred.newgrounds.com
Decide on the winner of the battle in a review below.


Suddle: Lyricism, flow, delivery,
Richard: relevant shots, flips,

I'm giving this one to Suddle , his material/content was more humorous imo . The Polar Bear shot was a bit dumb though. Richard brought more direct shots, but Suddle's lyricism gives him the edge for me. Good battle

Teqneek likes bum love with the elephant man.

Suddle had more contradictions than the Bible. I have to vote for Richard.

Halo, J Lo, fat and gay jokes- YAWN. Goddammit Suddle, your lack of originality is unmatched by anyone in this competition. You just made me want to battle RJA just to make up for this crap.

Was there really that little for you to attack Rich with? Have you ever done more than 2 minutes of research on an opponent? Fuck man, I had a ton of shit ready for both of you. It sucks that I wasn't able to advance, because I'd have made this fucking travesty exponentially more entertaining. Fuck you dumb ass judges.

Sleepy ass, narcoleptic sounding flow; unoriginal, generic bars, and repeated disses. You got your ass handed to you, and any real judge would be able to tell that. Too bad these retards don't care about lyrical content, otherwise you'd have already been knocked out of this competition.

BTW- NICE KILL BILL IMPERSONATION on your first verse. And you have the nerve to say I copy YOUR flow. Lawl.


You won- by a landslide. Your lyrics were not just a bunch of filler, and you flipped Suddle's retarded "punches". You're a good rapper, and I'd have loved to face you to show these people what a real battle is supposed to sound like.

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Dope battle, but really after the second verse it just sounds like RJA won. Suddle had good flow, and some alright punches, but RJA just brought far more lyrical skill to the table.

I'd be spotting RJA, RJA to advance.

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Pretty even battle, but I really enjoyed Suddle's punches more. Richard's flip on the polar bear thing was nice, but he didn't throw too many punches and suddle came back with the same consistency on the second verse. So definitely Suddle for the advance.

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May 19, 2012
2:56 AM EDT
Hip Hop - Olskool
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