CLAB - suddle vs Richard

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CLABTRAP Competition 2012 - MC Knock Out
Round 3: suddlenuance. vs Richard J. Amtmann III
Beat by war-spawn

Verse 1 - suddlenuance.
Verse 2 - Richard J. Amtmann III
Verse 3 - suddlenuance.
Verse 4 - Richard J. Amtmann III

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Decide on the winner of the battle in a review below.

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Suddle sounds a lot better on this beat but that's not because Richard has bad mic presence, it's just an issue with how his voice compares to the beat.

Strong hits both ways but Richard mopped up Suddle in his last verse. I would have liked to see more disses aimed at the work these guys did - a lot of the disses were about the brackets or physical appearance.

Know it's late, but felt like reviewing this one to see if suddle's advance was legit. Seems this was a controversial vote.

Suddlenuance lines part 1:

little bitch/pair of tits - ++
eatin off ya parents/its an embarrassment - ++
queer sing/clear swing/eyebrow piercings - +
tone of voice to be tied to/spit in that slight drool - +
gay bar/gay bars - 0
gay bro/play way too much halo/lay low/same hair color as j-lo/ain't dope - ++
beginner's luck/proof you really suck - ++
kiddy pics/only thing we have in common is we love pussy - +

Richard J. Amtmann III lines part 1:

polar bear YES/largest land predator CHECK - ++
Amtmann who's you're against/withstand all that you said/handled way back when/getting spammed - +
same disses/same switches/change it up you lazy fuck/easin(??) insane for instance - +
mention that/quite the attention lapse - ++
circuit to the moon again/subtle nuance for you would be a uterus - +++
intrauterine/sperm so useless - +++
made you bitter/became the winner - +
last year/my aggression passive - 0

Suddlenuance lines part 2:

of what/you suck/MadFLeX dinner divvy him up - ++
disarm my attacks/copy my raps/you smack - +
halo term there/j-lo permed hair/you lay and squirm scared - +
school shooter look to a T/mas puta with no ability - +++
confused/circuit to the moon/excuse to go to raves and have sex with dudes - +
lucky break/overweight/shake and break - ++
richie rich/that's some thriller(??) shit - 0
told me everything when she let me hit it/cunts got loose lips stupid - ++

Richard J. Amtmann III lines part 2:

Timothy Treadwell this situation/no video taken - +
misconception of my attention/gimme break and I take it/two days late/what you made/shit - ++
get my response/regurgitation of how you kicked it off - +
repeating myself saying you repeated someone else but that someone else you repeated now happens to be yourself/what the hell - ++
failed when it counted/silly ass is drownin - +
make it good one/you're a put on - ++
swag swag faggot shit/no use of calisthenics when you're battlin/maybe you'll advance at this - +
slow flows bore me/corny cliche/shake and bake your ass to 2nd place/in ya face - +

Total for Suddlenuance - +23, two 0's
Total for Richard J. Amtmann III - +24, two 0's

Better flow - Suddlenuance, +
Better delivery - Suddlenuance, +
Better wordplay - Richard J. Amtmann III, + (formerly rhyme scheme, changed to wordplay)
Better closes - Suddlenuance, +

Total - Suddlenuance +26, Richard J. Amtmann III +25

Damn close battle. I can see why everybody was gettin up in arms over it. Good beat by war-spawn for real. But I would say suddle's advance was legit.

Richard really deserved to win this one. Suddle just gave us the same bars twice, and pretty weak bars at that.

Richard for sure. He had more material. I mean the fat jokes were funny, but a fat joke is a fat joke and eventually they get old

Richard. Suddle was kinda dull.

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May 19, 2012
2:56 AM EDT
Hip Hop - Olskool
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