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This is an adaptation of one of my pieces, Drifting, rearranged for a short film called "Mural" by Bubbowrap.

http://bubbowrap.newgroun ds.com/

While I've had a number of pieces used in videos and flash games, this is the first time that I've went the opposite direction and set music to film. It was a lot more difficult than I imagined, because synching the music to the visual cues created all kinds of headaches with timing.

I had to take a nearly five minute piece and boil it down to two figuring out which parts were relevant to the short film and which were extraneous. In the film there is a significant visual cue where the entire mood changes, and I was desperately trying to get the music to fit up to that point. I had a sixteen bar phrase preceding it but ending up several seconds short. Slowing down the tempo to compensate sounded ridiculous forcing me to recompose much of the piece. I had to change the harmonic rhythm to get something like an 18 bar phrase. All of this was challenging but also an enormous amount of fun. I can't wait to score more films now. :D

The video might be submitted to film festivals, so I can't link to it for a few months. Thanks to Bubbowrap though for the wonderful opportunity! Check out his animations. Also, I actually improvised the piano part at the beginning and end, but everything in the middle is sequenced with just a mouse.

Since I can't post the video currently, can you come up with a story? I'd love to hear what images this brings to mind. Thanks for listening!


check back with me if you want a story. I have written a few to a several good songs. This fits the bill so I'll do it. In the mean time check out my profile to see what you can expect.

As for the song It was good. It had good progression instead of hammering the life out a good theme you developed the song so the theme never died. good job!

BlazingDragon responds:

Please do make a story. I would love to read it. :) Maybe you already noticed, but I commented on your story for Tranquility almost two weeks ago. Thanks for your review!

Let's see what we got!

A boy walks through a plain field, enticed by the scenery around him. The deer galloping about, the birds chirping, it felt as if he was in Heaven. It was a place he'd dream of staying in for years to come.As he keeps walking along, he sees a cliff, and notices a sight to behold...A waterfall. But it was no ordinary waterfall; it was flowing with colors of every kind. This mesmerized the boy as he stared with delight.
As he saw this and more, something was occurring before him. Everything within his vision started to blur, and he was becoming a bit afraid. That was when he had awoken from his slumber. A little annoyed, he noticed it was time for another day of school, and he wished that for once more, he can fall asleep and start "Drifting" away toward the all too familiar fantasy.

(Phew) Long time no speak! How's it going Blaze?

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BlazingDragon responds:

Hey Wolf! Thanks for yet another wondrous story. Your reviews are always a delight to read. :D

Your story reminds me of some dreams that I've had. There was one in which I composed the most beautiful piece of music that I've ever heard. It was music carrying such emotional intensity that tears streamed down my face and my entire body trembled, almost as if divine inspiration was being channeled into me. Then everything went wrong. The music faded and cacophonous noise tore through the air like thunder. It was my alarm clock, and I frantically struggled to remember the fading masterwork as my conscious mind took over. It was gone. Such a terrible feeling. :(

I've had a dream like that on numerous occasions as if I am being taunted with indescribable beauty just beyond my grasp. Like the boy waking from paradise to a mundane world of school...sigh...But I'll unlock that potential one day. I come a little closer with each composition.

Thanks again for the review!

PS. I'm doing great by the way. My first year of college just came to an end and summer is sweet.

Beautiful work! The flutes and harps are amazing. 1:03 took my heart, my friend! It is indeed so beautiful. A short, sweet and simple song.

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BlazingDragon responds:

The EastWest orchestral samples are great. Definitely worth burning a temporary hole in my pocket. Thank you my friend for the review!

I'm sure I've reviewed Drifting, so I'll risk repeating myself in stating outright that this is a beautiful piece on its own, and that crescendo... just "bam!", you know?

More relevantly to this rearrangement (second time you've redone this piece, no?), I was interested to read what you had to say on the process of scoring a piece for film. I was recently working with a musician on scoring for a film, and everything you mentioned in your comments held so true. It's great that you're already thinking about those concepts and its even better that none of it has scared you away (and, to the contrary, seemed to have enticed you further).

I look forward to seeing Bubbowrap's video (whenever it may be released for public viewing), and, as always, I look forward to hearing more of your work.

P.S. I noticed AeroMusic's comment regarding Studio Ghibli, and I'd like to say that I love Joe Hisaishi's work. I was especially intrigued by an interview I once found with him in which he notes the differences between scoring a film for Japanese audiences and scoring a film for American audiences. If you'd like, I can PM you the interview.

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BlazingDragon responds:

I'm pretty sure you reviewed Drifting. On that note, thanks for all the great reviews. :)

This is indeed the second time this piece has been redone. The first time was adding instrumentation and cleaning it up. This time much more material was added and taken away. A number have people have warned me that doing a hobby for work can make you love your love for it, but I'm continually convinced that won't be the case for me. The challenge in this project, for example, fueled my drive to compose. I've been stuck in a creative rut, but this project pushed me in new directions.

Bubbowrap's video was very enjoyable for me to watch. It has a Pixar sort of sensibility to its art stye and a dynamic progression in mood. In regard to my work, I feel as though it is about time to move into new territories. Exploring moods outside of bittersweet melancholy would do me well. Maybe some action cues along with some light hearted material.

I also love Joe Hisaishi's work and am continually inspired by his film scores. Please do send me that interview.

my god trevor

when 1:03 hit.. I had mega goosbumps! and now that I think of it, I'm imagining a Studio Ghibli style setting with green fields and the sun shining, just somewhere where everything's perfect.

loved the chords near the end aswell
I'm so glad you continue making awesome music! :D:D:D::D

BlazingDragon responds:


That part at 1:03 is what took the longest when making this. I wanted it to build up to that perfectly and make it huge.

I was wondering if anyone would think those last chords sounded out of place without hearing them in context of the film. Glad they fit. Thanks Aero!

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