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- LD - Baal's Rise

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Greetz NG!

I was inspired to write some dark and epic menu music at 4am. After recently reading about how DMT levels in your body are highest at that time, I thought I would give it a go. It's not my style to write so late in the night as I get ear fatigue after working on audio most days, but today was a nice day off, and I am relatively pleased with the result.

Now as for imagery, I picture the demon lord Baal (one of the seven princes of hell) rising to power and enslaving mankind. How's that for dark?


- LD -

P.S. -- I <3 Modal Borrowing

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I love themes about Persian gods that the Western world demonifies. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!! This should have been in The Rite.

Marvelous. I like especially how it loops perfectly, pretty much.
In the interest of being thorough and critical, I will avoid giving this a 10. As much as I want to, there are several things that could have been executed better, I think [There always is, really.]

In terms of voicing and choice of instruments.. superb.
Structure of piece.. equally superb.
The area that I think you could improve upon, is depth of detail and phrasing.

I might sound insane for saying that as it sounds fantastic yet there are things here and there that could given slightly more detail, which would polish the mix so to speak. Silver is a precious metal indeed.. but even the finest things can be made to shine with more brilliance. ^_^

For instance, the strings could have been panned in such a way as to create a Call/Response effect, So, at 00:16-00:18 I would put the strings towards the left, with the last note panning towards the centre. Then, the next part of the phrase, [00:19-00:21] I would pan towards the right, initially, but moving towards the centre again. The overall effect would create a dynamic, immersive atmosphere that would make the music feel so much more alive. Basically the melody would zig-zag across the mix, tying everything together. I know you did pan the strings at some points yet I think it would have been better if it were more obvious/frequent.

As it stands, this piece is definitely tempestuous yet by freeing up the instruments to wander about the horizon a bit, it would add an extra level of chaos. The result being that it would take people off guard - making the music a lot more potent, overall.

Indeed you made this at 4am which is quite amazing really, considering how well this is made already. Anywho. My idea/point really, is that this piece would benefit from subtle atmospheric detail.

Aside from my inventive ideas - what do I like about this most? Well I love the Brass sections. They're quite delicious! They convey a perfectly sinister mood without sounding clichéd.

Well done ^_^

Breed responds:


I did seem to overlook some stuff. It's to be expected at 4am =P

In regards to your panning advice, it definitely is an interesting idea, but I pan all my instruments to be an accurate portrayal of an orchestra sitting in front of you rather than doing fancy stuff.

I'm in agreement though that the atmosphere needed a little more work in general. Maybe a few extra embellishment instruments. A little bit of polishing on some of the string phrasing wouldn't hurt either.

Thanks for the great review.


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May 11, 2012
6:35 AM EDT
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