~SW~ No Regret

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This is a little piano song that I've had in my head for a while.

I added a bit more to the piano to make it fuller (mainly stuff from 4one - Surrealism, though I did also use some synths made from DSK OranZe).

Also, I have decided to start a new idea! If you like my music, and want to support it, kindly use this link: http://adf.ly/8Irdu
I don't want people to HAVE to pay me for my music (though I have my bandcamp if you want to, for whatever reason), and I do need support for college/other VSTs. So basically, yeah. The adf.ly link has a slightly higher-quality export on it for the 5 seconds of your life that you spend getting it. :)



Beautifull tune

This is very soothing and beautiful a very nice "SOOTHING" tune that i really like you have something good here and you can tell that you have put your lil touch and quality on it, so that was nice and i really like how this plays out the "PIANO" is really subtle yet very soothing once again, anyways great tune here i really like what you have presented here, keep up the good work.

Nice effort nice passion nice tune, maybe some build up would be great.

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Sounds so Kingdom Hearts... I freaking love it...

SkyeWint responds:

Hello there, Remorph! I'm glad you liked it! This tune had just been bouncing around in my head for a bit when I decided to make it. :) Nice peaceful melodies.

Very touching song and I like how it seems to have a light spirit sound to it.

The song has a motif feel of doing something no one else around you likes and simply being able to move on with your life. You move away, you change over the course of a year and half and when they come looking for you, they see you but don't recognize you or your voice anymore thinking that you are elsewhere.

As time moves on you feel happy with your new life and have made new friends that fill the gaping hole in your heart. Yet, you feel as if something was missing. You call the person nearly a month or so later and tell them that when they say you, they didn't recognize you because you had changed into something that made you happier than you had ever been before in your whole life and they see again embracing you with open arms letting you know they don't hate you at all.

The melody of the piano here is so beautiful and heartwarming. Excellently done piece of work.

Overall, beautiful!

Review Request Club

SkyeWint responds:

A heartwarming story to go with a heartwarming song? :')

Thank you, SCTE3, I truly thank you for that - particularly because that's happened to me before. Not that EXACTLY, but a similar situation.


I love piano pieces. Love with full capitals.
So bad ones get me angry.
This one however is totally awesome. So all five stars are yours. and you get a Cookie.
Last of your songs I reviewed didn't get a cookie. But this one does. :)
You should have NO REGRETS of making this song.

Here's the cookie you wanted so badly.

SkyeWint responds:

:D! Cookie!

I am most glad that this is worth a cookie. I most definitely have no regrets making it.

Very moving.

I think that this piece is great, in spite of the change of pace in the middle - for a piece this short, I'm not sure that you can justify a change of pace as drastic as you put in there after a mere minute. Yes, some of the greats of the classical genre get away with that in pieces which are three or four times as long as this piece, so you need to consider perhaps adding more to the piece, to give a more balanced piece.

I love the emotions that the piece evokes - you really have given me a nice uplifting piece, that evokes positive emotion and when the true pace of the piece hits, you get lifted and practically thrown aloft by the sheer force of the feeling. Perhaps forced is too strong a word, because it encouraged me very willingly upwards. I love the whole sound and if it could give us some more, in terms of length, that would really give me a great boost.

[Review Request Club]

SkyeWint responds:

Hi, Coop!

"for a piece this short, I'm not sure that you can justify a change of pace as drastic as you put in there after a mere minute."
I'm not sure whether to laugh at the fact that you said this or not - Winrar1337 said pretty much the exact opposite of it.

All I can say is good, you noticed the change. :) The entire piece is intended to flow along smoothly - that change there is essentially the end of the slow 'intro' to the piece, going to the main part of it.

"I love the emotions that the piece evokes"

"I love the whole sound and if it could give us some more, in terms of length, that would really give me a great boost."
Haha, I'd have loved to make it longer, but sometimes you have to know when to stop, neh? There wasn't much more I could have done with this song, and it actually is a decent length for what is /basically/ a solo piano piece in Renaissance style.

Don't worry though, I'm working on a piece that's MUCH longer, it's 4 minutes long already and only about 2/3 done theme and length-wise, probably even a bit less. Plus, it has full-on orchestral sections and a nice calm section with ambient percussion for those that like more laid-back music.

In any case, I'm glad you liked the music! :D

Thanks for the great review, as always! Hope to see more of 'em!


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