Spinal Limbo

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Hard techno. Watch out for the Tetris style melody at the 3/4 way point! Enjoy.


Epic to say the least.

I loved how some parts in this audio started to glitch and I see what you mean about it sounding like Tetris about 3/4th's of the audio. The beats and rhythms sound crazy. It's a little mind wrecking but nothing biggie. This audio kept me entertained for quite some time. This audio is not for the weak of heart. Awesome Work Patrick! :D

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Infancy: Cont.

So here's the next big "Padman" feeling piece. It's very, very hard techno, and is extremely well polished. It dances around in your head, but never too much to keep you from dancing yourself. This is also the first song where you play with the rhythm just a tad, though you and I both know we'll see more of it later.

There is a rather longwinded build at the beginning though, that just seems bland right until you finally plunge into the tune.

But hey, overall, the tune is wonderous, and makes me headbob.

::slaps on a 5::
::eats a donut::
-Zedar, The Scythe-Monger


uh oh, gabba kicks :)

fng fng fng fng fng fng fng

ill stick it out just for the greater good :)

the track start to kick nicely when the tone snare kicks in, and the ambience is brilliant. the high pass synth is excellent aswell :) love that evil sounding nniiiiaaaoooowww threatening and stylish.

the drop is a little over crowded and chaotic, seems that the 2 synths are struggling for space with each other. even so, wicked synth tones.

ah yeh, the tetris melodies. hehe

dont really like this last drop either, the melody over the top doesnt suit the style of the rest of the track, the watery phase is brilliant tho.

Dark, Deep, Clever.

I loved it, I myself cannot create anything near this, But i love it. It's very deep and clever and dark... The little twist's here and there make it even better =P

dj-padman1 responds:

Hey, you've made my day! Thanks for your generous comments :)


Your dark pads! Pure! I love them! This song could easily be IDM if you would add a hardcore dnb beat into it! I love stuff like this, the bass was nice and bouncy. Everything in this song expresses how IDM should be!
-DJ Korrupt-

dj-padman1 responds:

Hmm..maybe I'll add the hardcore dnb beat in a future version. lol, thanks for the review!

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4.17 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2006
11:56 PM EDT
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