Endless Loves

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Love is always beautiful, and love is always endless.

Maybe the object of your love isn't with you anymore, but the feeling is always there.

This song is about my own endless loves.



Interesting piece here, but there aren't a lot of classical ideas. Sounds like an electronic piece arranged into an orchestral piece. I hope you will take my constructive comments with a grain of salt and consider the suggestions I have left, as they are things I have done to improve my orchestral composition from something far lesser.

I like the progression, but I really think you should consider adding more variation to your motif. Although the change at 1:10 is good, it leads on to that same motif being repeated again and again until the same theme we heard before comes back. Why not take this excellent opportunity for writing in a B-theme there before returning to that A-theme. The nice quiet C theme is nice, but should try to move AWAY from the A theme before returning to the A theme in the finale (which, might I add, is where you'd want to put every ounce of heart-rending beauty and glory). Symbolically, your repeating motif could show how that love endured all changes, but then you have to step back and ask yourself how that will affect people's impression on your song. In the case of Bolero by Ravel, he was okay with having the same key and progression for several minutes straight through a slow, repetitive buildup. :D

This song could certainly benefit from more dynamic changes. Orchestral composition isn't something that should be treated like any other genre... it is expressive, it is flowing... even it its darkest and fastest regions. Your strings have a certain "jilt" to them I think you should try to smooth out through using inversions and ties/slurs.

One of the tricks I have learned over the years writing orchestral is to keep the song moving... sometimes the best idea is to start with two entirely different themes, and try to build a song that transverses the great landscape between them. This allows you to explore, to move, and to even repeat motifs if you choose a form which has that (ABACA or ABCA and so on), but also gives the audience something fresh and new every once in a while, which is the best way to retain an audience for a song over two minutes.

Talking about expression... when you want to show love, you should think more about what feelings you remember from your loves... for me, it would be sorrow; a lone harp playing a soft melody, with it evolving through a great cymbal roll into a glorious theme on full strings and horns. You have to get those feelings and go with them, not go with what progression sounds nice. Use your ear... use your heart... you can tell when an orchestral piece comes from the heart. It could start as a quiet violin, just as your love might have started as that voice in the back of your head urging you to ask the person out... it could start as a quiet woodwinds trio or solo trumpet exclaiming your feelings before you first felt love's touch, quickly rising into soaring strings with a B theme, practically shouting "I'm in love!". This may sound a bit ridiculous, but that's how composers have tackled things like this... by telling a story.

I honestly think this piece is good so far, but you should listen to some more orchestral works... It sounds like you have an ear for more contemporary composers, so consider looking up music by John Adams and Philip Glass, my go-to examples for contemporary music. Also consider some soundtrack music or even some of Richard Wagner's operatic work... both are great for learning the feeling of expression that an orchestra could convey through any piece.

Good luck, I hope you will consider working on more orchestral pieces and improving your style! I have not looked at the rest of your music, but I might give it a look and offer more suggestions if you find this to be of any help! Great work here, it just needs development.

Have a good day,

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Cuzone responds:

Hey, thank you for your comment. It was polite and constructive, and I thank you a million times for taking your time to write it.

On that note, I changed the genre of this piece and I'll stop putting music on the "Classical" category, and that way, hopefully aspies like NorskeDrittsekk (but not you!) will stop bugging me.

PS: about this song itself, I went for simple and repetitive because that's the feeling I wanted. I think of the separate parts of it as snapshots of how I felt during one certain day or event. I see it as representing something static. The way it changes, without transition or explanation, is the way I found to represent three completely separate events, at different periods of my life. Since my entire body of work is autobiographical, I feel that it needs to respond to my feelings and my thoughts on whatever I'm trying to convey, and I am extremely satisfied with this song. I just wish I hadn't changed the ending, which, originally, was very sudden and "ugly".

Quite simple. Can't say this is fine. I just expect for more creative sections. After a while it goes extremely boring. Does not flow well. No transition.

Last but not least, the melody does not fit the title and your description. This piece is very much depressive.

If you are in the rust of finishing the song then why not stop and wait until you have time to work on next? I do not believe in laziness.

Cuzone responds:

If you don't believe in laziness, then why did you start writing reviews on Newgrounds before you finished your English language course?

PS: Thanks for the review, it's useless and not constructive at all. I'll show it to my dog and see if she cares about what you "believe in" or not.

PPS: the idiot zerobombed my three most recent songs (at least, I haven't seen the others). Congratulations for that, but it's a pretty bad way to get your point across, even worse than your English.

It's really good, and I enjoy it a lot, but the sudden cut off at the end isn't very becoming of the song. Besides that, it was great! Can't wait to hear more!

Cuzone responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I changed the ending and uploaded the new song, but fucking Newgrounds doesn't want to display (at least to me) the new, 5:10 version. I keep getting the 4:35 version, which, as you said, kind of sucks.

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