Kirby's Metaknight (Part 2)

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Keywords- Kirby & Metaknight, Guitar, Soft, 3:40, Happy, Adventurous, Incomplete. Nintendo


Lol surpised me

When i saw kirby's metaknight part2 i was expecting the other ship music, not the second part of the game. Lol nice tho. I think this is kirby by the sea, AND YOU HAVE TO MAKE PART 3 AND 4, kirby and the mounttain and metaknight ship part 2 are some of the best kirby music. Man you rule, (Still in awe that you dedicated some music to me) =)

Rythim-Man responds:

4 parts is too many...so I'll probably make part 3, a "Showdown" and a "conclusion" lol. Like I said in the other review, part 3 is unorthodox, not like the original (obviously it's still somewhat like the original because it's a remix). It's alot of bass so it's probably good battle music for, say, Heavy Lobster, which I think is the name of that big thing Kirby fights. Eventually I'll have to move on to something other than Metaknight, although I think keeping to one subject does help me get more downloads (people who see part 2 and like it will download part 1 also). None of those will come out for a good while (2 or 3 weeks) because I have other musical business to attend for the moment. So check back later...much later.

hey cool

yo sup? nice work sry im not good at juging thease type of music =( but whta i have to say this is AWSOMEEE =) . keep it up nice wokr!

Rythim-Man responds:

Crap, they rated it 2.50

Oh wait, I know...hehehehehe

*Votes 5 on his own work*

Now it's 3.33!!

Oh yea, I understand, it's light, ambient, happy. Hard to judge. Let me guess, u like part 1 better don't you?

Sorry right now I'm kinda going thru a phase. Thanks for the review.

Nice! ^_^

I know this is battle bettween K and MK (Is it?) Personaly, this song is the perfect theme of meta knight. Song sounds all samuri-ish and pure _Just like Meta at heart/in his past when he was nice) and then it turns dark (Like when hes woking for Dedede), maybe the entire song should be dark like him?(don't mind either way!) The only thing I could complain about is that the volume goes a bit quite sometimes near the intro. Here's to the complete version! Keep it up!

Rythim-Man responds:

Kindna, this is from the game though, not the show. In the game Metaknight is evil (or atleast I assumed he was) and tries to take over dream land or something. The first part is metaknight, this part is actually kirby. That's why it's so bright as oppose to the first one. Most of Kirby's enemies are his friends now, such as waddle dee and Dynablade. He's even half way cool with King Dee Dee....half way. I wouldn't be surprised if King Dee Dee was the one who ordered metaknight to destroy Kirby but it never really says in the game why Metaknight is evil. Nor does it say what his evil plot is. There is a dark part in the middle cuz the shadow from metaknight's flying ship casts over dream land and there is evil. Obviously it gets happy again, not because Kirby one, but because Kirby chooses to set out on his adventure...yet again. So basicly the end is a happy good bye to all.

Cuz we all know he's coming back....


There is a part 3, and maybe a part 4 if I feel that it is incomplete. Or if reviewers feel that it is incomplete. I almost feel it is complete now though, except that the fact that I want to add most instruments and harmony to the song, but I don't know where to go with it.

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Apr 20, 2006
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