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Progressive house mixed with Ambient and liquid Drum and bass at the end. On this style I will focus in next days. If u want to know my opinion about this track, so I can for sure tell you, that this is one of my songs I ever made and I allready heard it more then 20 times. I used 29 samples ONLY for a beat, Lead, chord, bass, sub-bass, EVERYTHING else is made by me and 100% original only for this track. This track took me whole one day ( I woke up at 13:30, make something to eat and spend whole day on this. This song is also cutted, youtube and Soundclound versions will be a little bit longer ( only more repeativ, no big deal )

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Really nice, I enjoyed listening to this a lot. I just have a few issues with the chord progression for me. It seemed to me that one of the chords didn't work out so well. What I'd recommend doing is changing the volume or velocity on a sub note in the chords. This makes the more important notes stand out and the harmonies back off, because right now everything is a little busy with the chords.

Really like the soothing start to the song as it gets you motivated to just get up, walk around, and relax while the song plays in the background. Soothing sound that just sounds happy and very, very calm.

The main synth seems to have a slight echo effect applied as I hear echoes that carry on for a moment after every note that plays and it gives that feeling of just serenity as if the day was meant to be enjoyed every day.

The secondary synth I hear that comes in from time to time is also very beautiful and I like it kind of makes me think of someone singing and just being happy.

The bass I hear in the back is soft and makes me think that it might possibly be the main synth with the bass turned up a bit in the effects area so that there is a bass rhythm to the song. Sounds excellent. Then lastly is the drums which are calm and make me think of a character from F-Zero GX who was dancing at his screen.

Overall, this song is just very relaxing and dreamy. Excellent composition!

I've just started listening to your stuff. So far, I'm getting the feeling that you might have hit a ceiling as far as style is concerned. Don't get me wrong, most of it is tight as fuck, but they all seem to kind of sound very similar. Do you know what i mean? I'm not saying it's bad, but for me, it isn't how i like to see things done.
Variety is one of the most important things to me, and so far, the variety of your songs is pretty limited. I could be wrong, because like i said, i just started listening to your stuff. So don't take this as a negative, just take this as a nudge in a different direction. I am glad you don't make "House Loops" because those are really annoying. Like, what's the point? i dont know. it just erks me.

Any way, i'm really glad your music is free to listen to. Not many artists do that. So deep respect on that aspect. but in the future, i think it'd be cool to see you bring a much different style to house. :D

Norato responds:

I am makeing mostly subgendre of house called Progressive house, wich I really like. If I will not look at fact I made this song, I would say its one of best progressive house song I ever heard. Its perfect for me, but that doesnt mean everyone will like it.

If you dont like progressive house but like my style, check out more songs from me, I am not makeing only progressive house. I actually made a lot of different gendre track. Even dubstep and dnb songs.

So thanks for your review ;-)

I really liked it. The intro was good and the flow was great. My only complaint is the synth sounds, i think they sound too closed in, like they could sound fuller if you separate the pitches of the voices in each synth, though you probably already know this. Other than nice very calming song, loved the outro too, very different.

Dude, oww!!!!! My mind just got BLOWN!!! This sh*t is TOTALLY off the chain!!!!

Norato responds:

Wow thank you man, I really appreaciate it.

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Apr 29, 2012
9:02 PM EDT
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