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The Noble Cause (song)

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This piece arose as a game loop (see my earlier song), but I expanded it into a full song. I decided to write a piece that was as dynamic as possible, with beauty in both quiet passages and loud passages, both subtle and heroic.

Feel free to use this in a game or film or whatnot, or give some feedback (I LOVE feedback!). Also, if you get a certain image in your mind from this or want to share any interpretations you come up with, feel free to do so as well, I'm always glad to hear what people think about my work.

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Its stuff like this that really take me back on these types because they show the quality and time, and really give off a nice feeling to them, so keep up this kind of tune as its very pleasent This was an interesting tune like a song and it really shows the effort and time that must have gone into this, it sounds decenthas a soft feel and touch on this, i wouldnt mind more of a edge and such but it was pretty good regardless. And to end things here, keep up the style, keep up the effort, and keep making these types, let inspiration take a hold of it and let it shine like no other, sorry if i got corny there but let it flow as you do.

And so i may have some possble ideas here, but honestly you have a good piece already and you could leave it as is and it would still be fine, but here are some ideas kinda basic but they should still work if you are still updating and if not good luck with future stuff. Well like i said there is not much at all that needs changing but maybe throw in some more edge more beats to a darker feel just so that there is more build up.

samulis responds:

Thanks for the review. It's a bit too late to go back and change anything on this piece, it's from a rather long time ago! But thank you for the ideas. :)

Been listening to some of your works, and all of them are top notch! There is just one thing that seems to throw me off a little about most of them though: the mids are a bit too loud. It would be much more of an "eargasm" if you toned that down a bit, which would leave room for the song and it's melodies to be a bit more audible. Make every instrument shine!

samulis responds:

I've been told to turn down the mids a bit before... I normally refuse to add any post-mixdown mastering, relying on the VSTs' integrity. However, I might try out turning down the mids a bit more. I normally like the music wet, thick, and heavy.

Is there some Ocarina in here i sense? :)

samulis responds:

In fact, there is not. There is a celtic flute though, nice guess. ;)

Very nice. I agree with some of the reviewers below me in that the percussion could be a little bit louder, but only a little bit. I have heard a great many songs that have been ruined in my opinion because the percussion section was just too loud.

samulis responds:

For some reason, I seem to not often mix my percussion very loudly... probably because I have so little exposure to rock and such where it's very forward in the mix compared to classical and romantic-era stuff... genres where the bass drum could just be another layer in the grand scheme of noise.

Really have to say that I enjoyed this song and the happy tone it has.

The classical feel and it also gives a feel of something wonderful that is getting ready to happen or has just happened.

The drum beat is very soft and light in the background, almost like someone lightly walking along as they refrain from losing their balance. The harp was very beautiful and nothing short of being the life of the song. The deep bass rhythm and trumpets sounds great too.

Overall, the song has an atmosphere of hope and I like that a lot.

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samulis responds:

First happy piece I have written in AGES, honestly. I am glad it turned out fair enough. :)

I guess I have gained a special respect for the harp among all instruments... perhaps one of these days I will end up writing a harp concerto.

Thanks for the review!

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Apr 27, 2012
10:44 PM EDT
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