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Electrolyze {durn}

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Hey NG!

It's been a while since I've posted, eh. I'm working on about 5 tracks at once right now so it's been hard to pick which one to finish first. I settled on this one since it only needed a few tweaks to get it all done.

Like always, I used Propellerhead Reason 6 to create the track. The drum loops are from a Samplerbanks.com refill called "Electrolyzium II" and many of the synths I used are from the first "Electrolyzium" refill.

As it seems to be a popular trend (and pretty damn fun to do), I mixed between Electro & Dubstep but went hard with the Electro and more cinematic for the Dubstep. All melodies are of my own creation except for the bass riff that comes in at the halfway mark, first time I've ever used a bass loop!

Track bpm is 128 because I love that bpm! :D I wish there was an Electro option under Electronic for Genre as this isn't really Techno... but I guess that's the closest option. I dunno, you tell me!

As usual, please rate / review / enjoy!

P.S. For something TOTALLY different, go check out my new track, Disco Daze! :)

http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/484670

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I lol'd at that reply that you gave LiteBulb. But yeah, if I were to own a building with many different stories... This would be my elevator music. NOT SAYING IT'S ELEVATOR MUSIC. All I'm saying is that it's kinda backbeat stuff. Like... It doesn't stand out too much. It's pretty ambient? Lol can't say what I'm trying to. Oh well, great beat.

durn responds:

Haha, yeah, I'm eternally cursed (blessed?) with making muzak. ;) Lol, I'll evolve one of these days! Thanks for the review, Dante! :D

I'm actually not a big fan of this song but it's only because it's not really the techno style that I'm in to (prefer more minimal). However, I do want to say that I think you've done a really good job producing this track and I think it's got a lot of potential.

Although I did want to mention that I found the bass was a bit overpowering after the build-up. I think if you just brought it down a notch is wouldn't be so distracting. I also found that the 'chorus' was a bit anti-climatic. I think you need something a little more rhythmic in there to give it more drive.

Nevertheless, well done on the track.

durn responds:

Yee-haw, Jim-bobby! :) Thanks for the critical review, dude. I actually thought the bass was a bit soft myself as it's supposed to be the driving force but I feel ya just the same. As for the chorus, I wanted it that way, I'm a sucker for giving people a reason to raise their lighter (eep, I'm old, is it cellphones now?) in the air. ;) Not saying you're not right, just that I'm weird. :D

I can't help but listen to this song over and over. The calm, steady rythm just gets to me. The tone moves from upbeat to slightly melancholic.
Whem I'm listening to this song I see someone on a long journey and these calmer parts are the times the traveler looks back to past events, slightly sad about the things/friends lost but always looking forward to new adventures, new people to meet.
After all I see a very important message in this track, and that is to move on, and while some nostalgia is okay one should not dwell on the past but move on.
(I might interpret a bit much into this, but hey, music/art is what one makes of it)
So in a nutshell: a really enjoyable song for me, I hope to see more of your work soon!

durn responds:

Well holy shit, we've got a regular Freud right here! You're actually pretty damn accurate. My fiance and I recently called it quits and that whole situation was definitely of some inspiration to this track. Kudos on nailing that one outta the ballpark. :D

Thanks for listening with such an intuitive ear! I'll keep pumpin' out the freshness. :)

Hey man, I've only just recently come back to newgrounds to check some sounds.

I like your beat, it sounds pretty solid =) it has nice rythm and i could swing to it, I'm still with the demo on FL Studio so I'm not a master or anything but it can be slightly repetetive in places if you listen to it over a few times.
Over all though, its a nice piece of work, i look forward to listening to some more of your music =)


durn responds:

Hey lfriter. Thanks for the kind remarks, and you're right! I tried changing up the beat but couldn't come up with a solid conversion so that's probably the part that seems repetitive as I made sure to change up the other elements, in some fashion, every 8 bars. Glad to have found a new fan! :)

A so nice tune, man! it sounds like dubstep and it just get me adicted to this! OwO i think ill take if i got an occasion to go in a party. awesome!

durn responds:

Sweeeeet. Party on, Ox! :) Blast it! :D

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Apr 26, 2012
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