Rising of Fake Good

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If you want to know the story from the first song its:Two Unlikley Allies do a chant to rule the land, they seem like honest hearts but power overwhelms them. We're left off till the Third Epic. This one's a bit longer so I hope you enjoy. This one has Cello section not Viola, but the euphonium is still there.

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The intro starts off a bit uncoordinated, but in a good way. At around the 8 second mark, it comes together, which is pretty awesome sounding! :D However, after that it goes back to feeling a bit too uncoordinated =P

You might want to try a more structured melody after second 8. (I suggest listening to video game tracks as they are fairly easy to follow) Sort of like a constant theme, if you will. =P Basically, make the melody more tight, and possibly even more predictable. If you just REALLY feel like the rest of the song should sound a certain way, then by all means, do it! Don't be afraid to follow what you hear in your head.

On another note, your harmonization are different, but it's definitely not in a good way! I'm glad you didn't just stick to one "happy/Generic" sound. Waaay too many new composers do that. I encourage you to keep playing with off the wall harmonies! Some of the most beautiful songs use notes that clash with eachother. (But I wouldn't try that until you've gotten more practice. I'm in college and only just got into that stuff, haha)

Now, a way for you to immediately improve is to give your songs different rythms. Most of the instruments you used work well together, but they all play either the melody or something that directly follows the melody. Try having a long, drawn out sound on a low instrument, for example, instead of it doing almost the same thing that the melody does. (Make sure the note works with the rest of your sounds and harmonizes).
Then, have another part on a different instrument. (An easy one is straight 1/8th notes if you want to do something simple that gives your song a more flowing or epic feel.)
Don't limit yourself to one thing; let the other instruments explore the song and let them have their own, unique roles! That way they can shine, too =) And I absolutely promise that, if you're making the notes sound good compared to the others, it'll sound TONS better if you just do this. (Unless you're doing something really crazy . O.o)

PS: Since it's a chant, don't be afraid to throw some choir/voice instruments in there, too. Perhaps one could come in somewhere in the middle?

Anyhow, hope this helps, and I'm glad you have a lot of fun making songs. I know I do =) Keep up the good work!

E123metalman responds:

Thank you very much, one of the main things I tried to do was put the Cello Section as the voice, this will be fixed in a redux(Viola... ugh) There is a voice option on my thing so I'll try that, but I wonder is a Bass Voice good or a Tenor, as the song is very tenor/baritone sounding. I know I really messed up on some thirds(probably stress). You should check out my first one too, it in my opinion sounds better(irony) Just because of how the sounds mix and how the tuba can go with the melody and sound amazing. It really adds a soul to the song.

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Apr 21, 2012
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