End All 2.0

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I've just finished recording this song. It's a death metal sandwich! Heavy\pretty\heavy. This song is also featuring a shredding solo by my buddy Ian Van Oosterhout!

The main character has been having terrible delusions in his coma about the girl he loves. These Delusions consist of him waking up in his bed, finding the girl and doing everything he can to win her heart. Each delusion is slightly different because he still has the memories of the last one. He is always trying to do things differently yet the outcome is always the same and when things go sour he wakes up in his bed to start it all over again. But after about the 50th try he snaps and murders her at the end of the delusion. At around the 70th try he is no longer concerned with being with her and hates that she has turned him into a monster and begin seeking her out and murdering her right after he wakes up.

And that brings us to this song. This time he wakes up, but he is not in his room. Groggy and disoriented he is slowly looking around and realizes he is in a hospital bed. He then looks beside him and notices there is a girl sitting beside him sleeping in a chair. Then it dawns on him that it is the girl that he has come to hate and murder in his delusions. Without hesitation he gets out of his bed and begins to strangle her. Her lifeless body falls to the floor. He stares at her with a sadistic grin. But the smile didn't last very long. 'Why didn't I wake up again?' he thought, 'why did I wake up in a hospital this time?'. Then he sees on the table cards and flowers from his friends and family, and he remembered the crash. He then notices the TV hanging in the corner of the room, its the news, and it said it was 2012. Then it hit him, the girl he loved, the same girl he just murdered had been waiting 2 years for him to wake up. And with that, he walks to the window, opens it, and jumps out.

Delusional Salvation

1. Chasing a Dream
2. Crash and Burn
3. Downward Spiral
4. Reaching the Pedestal
5. Desolate Woe
6. That Cold Night
7. Designed to Fail
8. You Deserve Worse
9. End All
10. Disfigured Emotion


There's so much wrong in my world
How can i focus on anything
We're trapped here and there's no escape
Something is going to have to change

I wished for another way to bring salvation
But i was to guilty.. Greedy

I have become the victim of my own foul play
And now there's nothing for me to fight for, its all gone
Take my own life after i throw yours away
You'll be dead and no one will care
A suicide pact I've made for us both against your will

Inhale your last breath
Savor every moment you have left
One thing before I die
Did what i had to, to survive
I have remorse, I will not lie
So I'll see you in hell

I wished for another way to bring salvation.

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I think that this history can have a better end. ^^
Oh, the song is perfekt. Brutal Vocals and nice Solo.

Shits pretty great man. The riffs were awesome, but a little too "chuggy" at some parts. Other than that, the solo was gold and the vocals are fucking brutal, especially the dualies that you guys use.



Dnman responds:

wow thanks man!

Great riffage guys, this is definitely death metal material, but it would be cool if you incorporated some major notes into the hardcore riffing area of the song, it feels progressive, so, if you moved to a Misery Signals sound, with way harder chugging and an even rhythm. Still, great work.

Dnman responds:

Thanks! My only goal with this song was to make it sound like a man was going crazy lol. Ha ya and I'm a drummer sooooo. . . that explains that lol. I just hear what I want in my head and make it happen. Sometimes...most times.. that means I have to cut riffs up note for note and slap it to the grid. I write the drums first with a general idea of what the song is gonna be like. Then hope for the best haha

its pretty sick man :D

Dnman responds:

Thank you

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Apr 17, 2012
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