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Thanks for listening! This is an original song created by me using Pro Tools and the Quantum Tracks plug-in.

My facebook page:
Put "itsworththepain" after the facebook url and there I am! =)

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Wow, this is really fucking kickass.


Honestly this song is pretty good, but is sounds like its the same intensity the whole song. Some fortissimos wouldn't hurt. 4.5/5

Alright so, despite the fact that I seriously should be doing homework right now, I've felt the sudden urge to give this a review. I was the audio moderator who approved you with this track, and the first time I heard it I was instantly hooked. I ended up downloading it, and coming from someone who almost never listens to metal and hates most kinds of metal, that's saying a lot. Brilliant work dude, I love it.

First and foremost, the production in this track is just superb. You sound like you have many years of music experience up your sleeve, because everything here is just so well-made. The guitar sounds absolutely incredible, the drums are so fitting and cool, there are so many effects here and there that are spine-tingling, and that choir. My GOD, that choir. It's out of this world.

All of that is coupled with some brilliant mixing and mastering. The bassy thumps of the drums and the sheer power of the guitar really brought this track forward, and on top of that you had plenty of other sounds playing like various sound effects, a choir and strings. You mixed them together wonderfully to create a clear but mighty sound overall. The track in itself is pretty loud too and yet I'm not really noticing any clipping. That's just a testament to the sublime work you did here with the mixing/mastering.

Now enough about that, since it's time to judge the most important aspect of any song in my opinion; the composition. Yeah, you nailed it over here too. The chord progression's very epic and everything came together so well. You expertly combined the powerful drums with that amazing guitar but avoided going down the typical metal route by throwing in orchestral elements and sound effects.

Also, one particular thing I liked was how the song starts off with a quick rhythm guitar 0:33, and then a lead guitar plays more legato notes at 0:43 before going back to the quick strums a few seconds later. That thing right there is probably one of my favourite aspects of this track. It totally increased the sense of urgency and power. I literally get goosebumps when I hear it...

The transitions are on the whole very good. I especially LOVE the transition at 0:30 with that awesome drum fill. The song transitions very smoothly and there are some really good transitions, although I felt some lacked, in particular the ones at 1:37, 1:48, 2:20 and 4:08. They were all pretty abrupt and I would've appreciated a cymbal crash/roll or an orchestral hit of some kind to mark the end of a section and beginning of another.

The structure is quite solid. There are some noticeable gradual buildups and changes in intensity. I also love how you got to that enormous climax at 3:03 before building down in the outro. That's just how I like my endings; a climax and then building down into a final ending note. Love it.

On the other hand, I think the variety needs work. I'm recognising some patterns being repeated quite a few times. I'm alright with the melody at the beginning being repeated a few times since that's one of the defining melodies of the track, but the choir really doesn't vary much, neither does the rhythm guitar and towards the end of the track it felt more like you were combining together pre-existing patterns rather than actually making any new ones. This let to quite a bit of predictability, and while you did cleverly place together the patterns, I do think a little more subtle variety will help out over here.

Lastly, the drums; they are just astounding. Seriously, those drums are just so well-made and fit right at home in this track, not to mention the fact that I nearly jizzed my pants when I heard the breakbeat at 2:15. I can't find any faults in the drums at all, other than perhaps varying the beats a little, but man, those drums are so good.

In conclusion, you basically came out of nowhere to Newgrounds, posted this track and it has been wow-ing me every single time I've played it. I am VERY impressed and regard this as one of the top metal tracks that I've heard on Newgrounds. Brilliant work, keep it up!


Since this song was released I have listened to it several times, mainly because the simple repetitive melody is incredibly good just like the quality and the instruments that were used in it. I must say that this song is one of my favorites and I hope to hear more like it. Thank you Godspeed for this awesome composition.

theGodspeed responds:

Wow, thanks man. I really appreciate it and am working right now on even more music for you guys. Be looking for a free EP album in the future too. =)

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4.69 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2012
12:50 PM EDT
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