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The American Child

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An uplifting fanfare of birth and life. God's mercy towards man is great.

This is a very special song to me for some reason. Please listen and review. If you can think of a story of your own to accompany this song, then please feel free to post it; I like to read them.

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00:01 - 00:33 - With a title 'The American Child' I was expecting drums to start playing! -

Soundtracks to match the first 01-33 seconds~

Band of Brothers - Main Theme
Pearl Harbor
Brothers In Arms - Hells Highway - Main Theme

Something within the War Epic Category~ Although I am slightly disappointed~ you cant always get what you want, perhaps in the future you will utilize the first 30-seconds and create some epic war theme. :)

Anyway Good Job, It sounds Great! ^_^

Bosa responds:

I submitted a new song that may be more to your liking!

"An uplifting fanfare of birth and life" yeah that pretty much sums it up.

The start sounds like something you would hear in a Presidential candidates advertisement. However once we hit 0:34 it becomes something else. I guess you could say that the beginning is entering the world and then we embrace it of what is to come. The universe coming to be in a short synopsis so to speak. This is an amazing piece and seems to bring hints of another one of your song "The Last Game". All in all, a wonderful little piece, I enjoyed it very much.

Bosa responds:

Wow, we're going back in time aren't we? 'The Last Game' -- now that's one of my songs that hasn't been mentioned in a few years.

It's good to hear from you again. I always enjoy your storytelling and creative input in your reviews.

I love listening to your music and i love the idea of adding a story to your songs.
Here goes my try for a "story"

I can imagine 2 best friends joining the army during ww2 during battle one of them sees his best friend get shot all he can think of is saving his friend. so he runs through the gunfire for him and carries him to safety his friend opens his eyes and smiles and tells him its nothing serious and that they will make it home. then you see them years later still smiling and still best friends talking about the old days.

Bosa responds:

Indeed, quite a satisfyingly serene feeling you have put with your own story. I always enjoy the input of other listeners.

i picture a young boy or girl, that is in her/his room. Looking out the window as suddenly they get an insight, as they want to change the world maybe, and make it a better place, for everyone to be together in peace and harmony. As their gaze shifts over to a picture of their father, who died in a war, they smile lightly. thinking that if it where to be so things would have been different. They would still all be together as one. They stand up and walk outside where they see their mother, sitting in the couch, and vast asleep clutching a picture oh their father. The eyes of the child would be soft and sad, but still determined. Somehow... they will make it work and show them all even the tinyest diffirence can make a huge impact. And they would start right here, for their dad always said to them "theres no giving up until you tried with everything you have, so get out there and shine".

that's basically what i thought while listening to this, it's a great piece and i love the melodies in here. It's very touching and i hope you will make lots more of this! Bosa your a gifted person! go out there and change the world! ok that was a bit dramatical but still... great job man!

Bosa responds:

You paint a very good image. But I'm not very gifted lol. I can assure you that more is to come!

When I hear this I think of a hero who just won the war. The hero goes to a field with flowers and scarce trees, and walks up to a grave under a tree. The grave is his best friends who died in the war, and he says "we won, because of you". Thank you for the inspiration for that from this song, it's amazing!

Bosa responds:

I worked really hard to produce such a piece, and I appreciate you adding your own insight to the song. I was simply inspired by the thought of a newborn American life -- a baby that will grow up under the guidance of her godly parents. I was passionate about the thought, and this song was produced as a result. Thank you for listening and I hope that you will continue to check out my next latest piece.

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Apr 14, 2012
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