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Ballad of the Windfish

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I've had this one on my to-do list for seriously a few years. I started it back a couple of years ago when one of my listeners requested it, but I just couldn't get any inspiration going on it. Then this year, I got a few bits and pieces thrown together and started to finish it. But I hated what I was coming up with.... until suddenly, and for no reason at all, I had ABSOLUTE inspiration on this last night. So I scratched what I had, and finished this entire thing this morning. I hope you like it.
*** I would like to apologize for the gain from the mics. I had to use my back-up equipment for recording the background vocals ***

In a dream (In a dream)
On the sea (On the sea)
Someone's calling (someone is calling me)
Wake me (oh wake me)
Symphony (symphony)
Set Me Free (set me free)
Though evil's power grows
Feel how the courage in you flows
And go
Your destiny (Go... Go... Go)
Is clear
Have no fear
Memento, Memento Vivere
Genius Loci Serviam
Per Ardua ad Astra
Seculo Seculorum
Semper Vigilo
Semper Fidelis
Semper Fortis
Semper Liber
Memento, Memento Vivere
Wake Me (oh wake me)
Set me free (oh set me free)
Set me free
Set me

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If anyone ever made a fan film(or flash) based off Link's Awakening this would be the on the soundtrack.

Step:1 Listen
Step:2 Try not to cry
Step:3 Cry

VGSongbird responds:

Lol this just put the biggest smile on my face :D Thanks

As someone who loves the Ballad of the Wind Fish and has done a cover, let me leave my two cents.

Right off the bat: you have a very Enya-ish vocal quality, which I really enjoy. Your harmonies are very well thought out, and were it not for the artist name, I could've sworn that this was actually SUNG by Enya. Kudos to you for your very strong vocals and harmonies. <3

Also, I am glad that you, too, have done this song from the point of the Wind Fish. I have too. This is, admittedly, something that not many people who cover this song do -- they usually do it from Marin's point of view. The song in and of itself sounds like a calling to Link, deep within his heart.

The music is sparse and brings out the vocals, which are heavily reverberated. I've no complaints about that; I think it sounds beautiful.

And now, some nitpicking. And this is mainly to do with the pronunciation of the vocals, but it also has something to do with the lyrics. Please note that I am a stickler for good lyrics, so I will be as thorough about it as possible.

Latin, especially ecclesial (church) Latin, is pronounced quite like Japanese as far as vocals go. A is always 'ah', e is always 'eh', i is always 'ee', o is always 'oh' and u is always 'oooh'. Now consonants are varied, admittedly, depending on whether you're singing in classic or ecclesial Latin. I have no worries; I sing in ecclesial Latin all the time!

And considering I *understand* and *sing in* Latin -- I am a cantor at Sunday Masses -- I find the use of Latin here is very, very gratuitious. >_> Please at least make the Latin words MEAN something cohesive..... Even if the grammatical structure winds up not being the best (which I don't expect anyone to do, because I'm finding trouble myself), at least make the entire passage be one cohesive story, like you would do in English.

Now for the English lyrics: From "In a dream" to "Have no fear", it sounds like a calling within Link's heart, but my point of contention is, shouldn't it have more to it than just a calling? Link goes through eight dungeons, meets many people (especially Marin), and we're just keeping it as a calling? It does make me wonder.

The repeated "Set me free" at the end is very well-placed. Singing this from the point of view of the Wind Fish, (s)he is thirsting to be freed at last, and that could sound like a repeated plea. Very good Emotional Fuel.

TL;DR: Outstanding vocals and harmonies. Sparse music makes for vocals to be fleshed out more. Lyrics could be a point of review, especially the Latin section.

Keep singing!


VGSongbird responds:

I won't deny my Latin can leave a lot to be desired. I haven't studied it professionally; my experience comes from the decade I spent in choir. And I took what I could from there. So I apologize if it came out sounding weird.

As for the English lyrics, I wouldn't change anything. I was trying to make a cohesive piece--and I still think I did. Re-reading it, nothing sounds out of place to me. The "someone's calling" wasn't referring to a "calling" like as in a quest or journey. It was more about the subtle calls from the Wind Fish--like eerie echos and whispers only Link could hear. "Wake me, symphony, set me free" is the whisper, or the "calling". This is not from the Wind Fish's perspective. This is a perspective of a narrator telling the story. There was a dream of a sea, where a hero could hear the whispers "wake me, set me free" in his mind. And though evil surrounded him, he had the courage to go and fulfill his destiny.

I do appreciate that you took the time to listen and fully review this. ^_^ It helps me to look back and see where I could've been better. And I really appreciate the compliments about the vocals and arrangement of the background music. But I stand by my original lyrics--at least the one's in English.

This song will forever make me remember one of my best friend at work. He helped me through the hardest time in work with this song. Thanks for this.

VGSongbird responds:

Thank you for listening. I'm glad I could help in a small way :3

Pretty good, nostalgic, a worthy homage to Link's Awakening. I didn't like the few seconds of silence at the end that ate up space and made looping it less tolerable in my opinion. Some parts of the lyrics I'd disagree with, but hey. It was good so I'll just wait for what you dish out next.

VGSongbird responds:

Well, it wasn't a loop. It's not supposed to be a loop. So I'm not sure how to address that. As for the lyrics, that's understandable. Thank you for leaving a review :3

i feel like crying now, cause this is so beautiful and moving :'D

VGSongbird responds:

:3 Thanks

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