The Deflowering

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Hey everyone, this is my submission for the MAC April Metal Competition. This song is very musically theoretical and the three (four, I guess) solos have a lot of outside influence like classical, including jazz and quite a bit of fusion. Obviously I wrote every instrument on here so I'm sorry if the drums aren't all that they could be. Wrote this song within the last week. Sorry for no vocals, it would be filled with dirty screams but I just figured more people might be able to enjoy it without vocals. Thanks! Tuning is D standard. First solo was an improv I liked so I kept it, same thing with parts of the outro solo. Some of the chords used were
A+ add#7
Dm9 over Dm#7
Dm9th add 6, b5
Dsusb5 add #7
Db dim
D dim
Dm9th add #7, b5
Db dim add D
I tried to get the flat sign to show and the diminished symbol but it came out in code.
The chords change in modal directions when the leads come in, or I guess you could say vice versa but I was thinking at the time of creation that the chords change to implement other tones. If anyone would like a transcription of the score, or tabs, PM me. If you would like me to explain the chords implemented with leads and movements made, and tones induced, just ask. Have fun!


One of the better compositions in the contest, but all the sounds are drowned. That must be the reason why this had a 1.23 score before my vote. I could enjoy listening to this song much more if it didn't sound like you were listening to it through a pillow. i would also appreciate it if all the instruments were real. If the sounds were fixed and it was played with real instruments i would give it a 5/5. I still gave it a 5 because it's ridiculous how people 0 bomb a song like this when there's still so much good in it. Listen to the album "Planetary Duality" by The Faceless. If you would get matching sounds on this song and added similar vocals to it, it would be like a song from that album.

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CadeBanta responds:

Thank you very much for taking the time to comment and giving an honest opinion. I've learnt the lesson that people don't hear music unless it's with real sounds. Though I do wish people would listen the the actual notes being played instead of the tone. It's all on a program where I can write the score out after writing, add tones and it will play it back. It's really just for writing and and sharing scores but I figured what the hell. This contest needed some actual metal. Glad there are some entries of real metal now by a couple people. Although it doesn't seem at all people are giving this any credit because of the shitty sound quality I'm glad you have. And thank you for a the comparison to one of the better bands out there. I don't listen to them, and I must admit that I've hardly listened to them yet it's easy to tell they blow away most metal bands. And they have decent leads, not bad at all. I love hearing his jazz influence. It's rare to hear jazz in metal. The only guitarist who really does that is Emil Wrestler from Daath. It's why he's one of the better metal guitarist. I'm going to record this song, I've got the gear now. Just need to learn how to use it. Again, thank you for your score, time, honesty and review. I appreciate it. I really do.

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Apr 10, 2012
8:48 AM EDT
Heavy Metal
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