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The Path Within

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Author Comments

I think i'm getting better at this... could be just me though XD



Man, I loves this song. Truly I think it's one of your better ones. I didn't really love the bit crushing action, but GrumbleDuke DOES bring up an excellent image to it, which in turn made me reconsider it, and made me give it a thumbs up.

Damn you Grumdle >:(

Still, nuff with that.

The piano did seem out of place, maybe it were bells? I know, keepin it all synthyness 'n all! The second time the piano comes in, I think that part actually fits pretty nicely, it's just the first time the piano came in I felt they were a tad unwelcome in the song if you know what I mean.

Composed it from the drum line first you say eh? I've never tried that, I suppose I should give it a shot, see what happens.

5/5 from me again General_Leo, keep up the good fight, and keep them coming!

LoneEagle responds:

Yes composed straight from the drums... it was a first for me lol. Usually i make a good melody or whatnot then i try and figure my way out of putting drums on there. This time i decided that i was going to make a good drum pattern first and then apply my other instruments.

I agree with you and some other reviewers, this is one of my best songs. I still listen to it from time to time but not too much hehe.

You are not a fan of bit crushing are you? Well i understand cause it's just a damn noise after and i put it there to fill up... i mean i didn't wanted to start straight off with the piano and pad melody.

The piano seems out of place... quite possible. As it doesn't follow the rest of the song maybe? Kind of like the piano saying "ok guys i'm heading this way" and the other intruments "ok see ya at the end of the song, we're going another way" lol something like that i think. I could've explained this in less words and less retarted i think :D Maybe i should have put another instrument and another melody as well for the first segment, replacing the piano part...

Thanks much for the review, as always, it is greatly appreciated :)

best so far

best piece youve done so far i think.

i love the track overall, i cant say that the drums were introduced in a completely good way it sounded a bit out of place? or maybe im just not used to hearing the piano and drums by themselves but then the high hat came in and everything else and it was awesome. )

haha, its changed now hasntit? it used to be the drums that gave you trouble but in this it were the piano. Perhaps a different sound would have been better? i liked the sound right at the beggining (ill go on about that later).

My favourite bit of the song was about 67 seconds in, that was a stroke of genius, i thought. (maybe not genius but its the closest word i could come up with)

The sound right at the beggining made me all nostalgic (pff lol, im being daft) thinking about EvE Online.

This was a mix of video game and...something else, maybe ambient? not quite ambient.

Thanks for answering to all my "reviews", i appreciate it.

LoneEagle responds:

Hey encarmine what's up?

Ah yes, it is possible that the drums feel weird at the beginning because they were made to fit with the bassline. But then i decided that i would put the drums before the bass and i didn't care to change it to make it fit in "nicer".

In this piece i used the piano only to "fill in" cause i thought that my song felt a little empty without it. So i didn't really work on the piano melody, i just wanted a little extra by adding them.

I am very satisfied with how i managed to compose the drums part on this song. It was the first thing that i made. I told myself that i should try making a new song starting by composing the drums first instead of finding a melody, because that's how i had always made my songs, until now that is.

Hmmm, there's not much happening at 67 secs into the song, but i'm guessing that you mean around 1:15 in the song where it changes and i have those nice pads and synths playing for a little while :D

Well i don't know anything about EvE Online but i thought that the sound i used at the beginning was nice. I also noticed that alot of songs here have an edge because of the use of sound fx and i might try to work on that sometime.

I think that all my work is video game influenced because i have been playing video games for some 18 years now :D Although i play less now than i used to, i have played so many games and so much music from these games just stayed imprinted in my mind.

You don't have to thank me for answering your reviews because answering reviews is a like a treat to me :D It is only normal that you are given back you have given to me and that is time. So thanks alot for your time and for this great review.

Great to see you back

I like the opening; I love bitcrushing effects. The part after the opening has an anime feeling; like there is some man standing on a hill silhouetted by the moon looking down into a valley. You know, typical big coat flapping in the breeze. From there the guy leaps down into the valley and continues on whatever journey he must make.

The general makeup is pretty good, your percussion skills have improved too. If anything, the piano is a bit flat, but all the other aspects complement themselves so well it barely matters.

You get my 5. Keep it up!

LoneEagle responds:

HA! Now I picture the same thing that you do when I listen to this song, before that i didn't really picture alot, a guy looking for his path in life "the path within" or something like that :D

Yea the first thing that i composed on this song was the drums instead of the melody and it turned out pretty good.

Thanks for the review and the vote, both are very appreciated :D

Long time no see

Pretty good I like it continue your good job.

586rivk VG remaker

LoneEagle responds:

Hey yes long time no see man! Thanks for your review. I'll check out your music in a short while, i bet you've done tons of remakes/remixes.

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3.34 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2006
9:05 PM EDT
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