I've Seen Things

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What do I do on one the only sunny days ever in Morecambe?! I stay inside and write a song based on rain. I just wanted to try sampling and my fancy new computer. It didn't even crash once, what is this witchcraft?!

This song is based around the infamous improvised 'Tears in Rain' speech. I hope you enjoy it :D

This track is heavily influenced by both Bladerunner and the music of one Joe Sinker, who you can check out here: http://soundcloud.com/joe -sinker. I also got the rain sound courtesy of/www.freesfx.co.uk.


Honeycomb, this is simply perfect. I was always a big fan of the Blade Runner film, and you represented it in such an amazing emotional way.

My good man, would you do me the honors of letting me use this for my trailer in the near future?
Of course you will be credited.

HoneycombLaservision responds:

Thanks, Cricky! I'm glad you enjoyed it. It would be my pleasure to let you use it, on the condition that I get to see the trailer. :)

Really nice song, I waa wondering if i could use it in a video? If i could please message me back, all credit would go to you for it.

HoneycombLaservision responds:

Of course you can :D

It would be cool if you could send me a link to the finished video so I can watch it! :)

Very nice and calm. I might send you a message about using it in a radio station ID if you'd allow me to.

HoneycombLaservision responds:

Thanks man :). That would be awesome if you could! :D Message me any details and stuff.

So I'm not sure if the dude under me even listened to this song. The drums, though repetitive, gave it a nice little drive. I liked them. And there is light guitar playing, just happens to be harmonics(which I love btw). It has a great calm/rainy day feel to it and the only thing I can suggest is when the speaking first comes in is to take it back a bit. It seemed a little too loud. Great tune all around!

HoneycombLaservision responds:

:D Thanks man. I did have a few problems with the vocal track, mostly because it was entwined into the soundtrack so I had to EQ the balls off it to remove it. The downside was that it completely ruined the quality of speech. I agree though, they are very loud xD.

I'm glad you enjoyed it :D.

2/3 stars for you. The echoing indie-drums doesnt fit in with the beautiful sfx and digital tunes in the backround. And it does absolutely not remind of Blade Runner because this tune is not Ambient nor Soft Rock with soft light guitar-playing. To improve this remember what i told you :)
Make soft guitar playing and weak almost unheard percussion, OR just make an ambient tune :)
"Eria" by Two Steps From Hell, is a perfect inspirational source!

i also dont like when people dont comment my work and then expect me to comment them :)

HoneycombLaservision responds:

Cheers for the feedback :). I just wanted to sample Bladerunner in something that I did xD.

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Apr 7, 2012
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