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See me run and attack it
Hit 'em with a hockey stick or a bat/It's
The vigilante who smacks any bad men
If a player got a bone I will hack it
No chrome so the pigs never track it
Run around in a white hockey mask an'
Torn sleeves on a blue denim jacket
Skull so thick/Bad guys wanna crack it
I hit 'em anywhere I can swing a stick
It seems the trick is to scream a bit
I beat these thugs on the streets for free
And save New York from the gleaming teeth
Of the freaky beast that works with a thousand feet
You call these "ninjas"? They can't beat me!
Send another hundred/I'll make 'em bleed
And cut off the head so they know defeat

I'm smackin' men because they aggravate me
Mess with my city then you have to face me
I clean these streets like sanitation
Criminals are safer at the police station
I'm still creatin' a name for myself
They don't know my face like anybody else
So I train everyday by liftin' the weight
That I carry in my heart just to give them hell
I'm focused/I know this show is atrocious
Give it ten years/Hope the movie sells
Elias Koteas broke the mould/It's
The best interation I've seen of myself
The screams of the whelps who try to fight me
Will be silenced when I brutalize these
Pukes and High Freaks who cruisin' nightly
All they recieve is a bruisin' rightly

Rushin' into battle headstrong like a blocker
I kick that bitch in the balls like soccer
Knockin' 'em back with no plan of attack
Just keep swinging 'til the last one drop/(Ah!)
You may be the cream of the crop
But I'm heavy on the beat like an overweight cop
Sweepin' the streets of the ninja elite
Keepin' it clean and I'm ne'er gon' stop
Everybody got a talent/See
Lumberjacks are good at fellin' trees
Politicians have fallacies
Me/I'm good at breakin' knees

But I'm the greatest at breakin' faces
If it was a job I'd get all the payslips
Wrecking places and leaving craters
I'm like a rum shot with a vodka chaser
Got a mask on and my sneakers laced-up
Ready to commit felonies with anger
Then go home to a sexy ranga
Yellow jumpsuit/Make a fellow jump through hoops
And I got a friend who's dressed in red
Kinda like me/The kid's a hot-head
Him an his three brothers run the streets at night
They're a wonder if you ever see them fight
Four young guys five feet in height
Only ever see them eating pizza, right?


I love how you're so great at the grimey stuff, but still keep it real and tongue in cheek. Wanna hear more from you breh!

soundbreaker responds:

Thanks man, I'm working on it. :-)

Cool, I was thinking about rapping myself!

soundbreaker responds:

Go for it!


soundbreaker responds:


Ayo I look forward too your next battle man this was more than a large step in flow, after listening too a lot of Hilltop Hoods I can begin too appreciate the flow. I think your def a dark horse for clabtrap much love keep it up man.

soundbreaker responds:

Thanks dude, but I've been DQ'd from the rest of this year's battle due to my inbox not showing me the messages until after the deadline, and then I got a new job anyway so I wouldn't have the spare time during the week.

I appreciate that you've been listening to the Hoods, but my flow and theirs are somewhat different. They just dropped a new album called "Drinking From The Sun", which I highly recommend. If you wanna hear more awesome Australian stuff, check out "Bliss N Eso", "Drapht" and "Vents", or anything connected with a producer called Trials.

Lmao. Nice bro, seems you have a passion for "Teenage mutant ninja turtles"? Great flow man. pretty cool. PEace!



soundbreaker responds:

Thanks man! Yeah, I was a big fan of TMNT when I was younger.

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