Derpy De Chocobo

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Original Tune (c) Square Enix

Arrangement by SuperPsyguy
Vocals by Serenamidori & CrikeyDave
Lyrics by Mr. X

My name is Derpy and I'm -A- pony.
I was formerly Ditzi.
But then you all renamed me!

My name is Derpy Hooves and let's be pals.
I'm actually a gal!
But still I can boost morale.

I used to be within the background there.
And all you would notice is my cross-eyed stare
But then because of my unique two eyes.
You just wouldn't let me die.
So now with a name you know I-

Have gotta name and it is Derpy Hooves.
So now I am truly moved.
At what all the fans have proved!

Ev-er-y-pony and everybody,
You all show that you love me.
So much that I get to be~

Part of the TV show you love so much.
I got my own scene so I could fly around and such.
Yeah so I dropped something on Rainbow Dash.

At least I was still a smash!
I made Hasbro lots of cash. SO. THERE.

[What's all this now, where have I gone?
Wait a minute, am I being drawn!?
I'm now a pony, this is all so strange.
This is horrible, almost deranged!
One minute I was running, a Dalek giving chase,
Now I'm the pony-master of time and space,

No matter I am henceforth "Doctor Whooves."
The name just popped inside my head and I say I approve!
This place is so confusing I can't stand up straight.
So I'll do what I always do I must investigate.
If only I had a companion, someone to assist!
Always running, always helping, you get the gist.]

Hi Mr. Doctor can I be your friend?
Your blue box looks broken so a hoof I sure can lend.
Let's fix it up and you'll be on your way.
I may be a shade of gray, but I can make everything o-kay!


I may not like mlp, but i'll give you this. Lyrics were well put together and thought out and matched the instrument tone. I am a fan of Doctor Who, though, and hearing the Doctor put in here was quite surprising, to say the least. Anyway, it was good. Maybe not my particular fandom, but a good song nonetheless.

i have to say it, this is pretty awesome

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This song is just so addicting.. i cant love it enough!
I love Doctor Who, and MLP, so the best mix Evah!

5/5 Awesome Work!

YEAH 5 PONIES! Excellent work guys. Loving the lyrics, the sound, its all great.

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Wow! not only Derpy, but also Dr. Whooves, Good work there Psy.

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Lead Vocals

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Mar 31, 2012
11:56 PM EDT
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