Frozen Heart [8-bit]

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4 channels, 16 kb

The .xm file loops back to 0:31 and doesn't have the fadeout at the end of the track, but I'm not sure that NG supports that, so this is a slight edit.

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Very differant here

Awsome work here i was really enjoying what you did here and how the quality is pretty good on this whole piece it was something differant for sure and i really enjoyed it. Alright this was a differant kind of tune and i like what you have here, the sound alone was differant and gave this whole thing a "UNIQUE" look about it all and such, so that was pretty neat i thought, it was very good to listen too and a tune i will for sure put on my faves list, so nice job indeed. A very unique feel i thought, the sounds are great with this one and you had really impressed me with this entry, I just love what you did here with the sounds so nice efforts there.

So while this was pretty decent of an audio track here and somewhat unique, there are some things that could make this better so i will try and suggest some options and new ideas. Not sure i would change anything maybe add more of the random and strange sounds though.

Even though this track is only about 2 minutes long it is pretty diversified. It starts off very slow and quiet. Something you would expect to hear at the beginning of a level that is set in a cave or an "underworld".

At 0:30 the next part starts, now the atmosphere is very cold and icy, but at the same time there is some "happiness" to it as well. The main melody creates a feeling of hope.

0:55 Now the track sounds quite spacey as well. But this also does fit to the "underwold theme" I mentioned above.

I also like the melody at 1:12. It sounds pretty good and does indeed remind me of some older games I used to play.

The looping is done very nicely. I didn't notice any timing error or slight pause here, so you did a very good job on this one.

Overall, a very nice track. I don't see how you can improve on that, since I couldn't find anything wrong with it. Oh well, maybe it could be a bit longer, heh.

{ Review Request Club }

SuperBastard responds:

Thanks for the review!

I'm happy to hear it came together well for you, thanks for the high rating!

I'll try to make the next track a little longer. :)

Damn, this would be amazing BGM.

This song is really good. Like everyone else has said, it has an adventrous feel to it.

The name is really fitting. It has that icy feel to it that would work well in some cave or ice level. I hope someone actually puts this in a flash game.

The melody is good, but I like the bouncy sounds that jump from ear to ear most. It makes we want to look in the direction of the sound really bad. Kind of annoying, but it definitely shows that you accomplished something with them, right?

I know that I'm supposed to critique anything that's not good about things, but I don't really have a problem with anything, so... Yeah...

Overall, really good and true to the 8-bit genre. Love it. Hope to hear more.

<Review Request Club>

(Fuck, I could not form actual paragraphs for this review. Sorry bro.)

SuperBastard responds:

Thanks for the review man!

I'm stoked that you thought it was that good. I hope someone uses it in a game too.

A good blend of sounds, that gives the impression of a pure 1980s game. The combination of various effects from the genre says to me a platformer, though the content of this is largely unknown, so your title of Frozen Heart can be slightly ambiguous, but that's not an issue.

The walking beat that you throw in there about halfway through just seems to be too quick. Halving the speed of it would work well with the rest of the track, but the main melody seems to be blocked out a little by it at present.

It's only minor issues that need dealing with, but I feel that you've got a great track, that is ready to get even better.

[Review Request Club]

SuperBastard responds:

Thanks for the review man, I'll go in right now and try out what you suggested.

This song sounds rather cool and sounds like it would go great for underwater or frozen landscape level on a Gameboy game of some kind. Has an adventurous sound to it.

I hear a main synth and it actually works well with a slight echo sound where it sounds like it is bouncing off the walls. Then the secondary synth seems to make me think of someone walking around or swimming trying to get to the end of the level and move on to the next level. The bass sounds really simple and the up and down rhythm is soft.

Really just enjoy how the song has an adventure sound to it.

Overall, this song just sounds great.

Review Request Club

SuperBastard responds:

Thanks for the review! I always enjoy hearing about what my music makes you think of.

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4.71 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2012
7:01 PM EDT
Video Game
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