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B7 - Dragons > Unicorns

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Author Comments

Hello there Newgrounds. I have brought music for you. I hope that's okay... Because even if it's not, I'm still doing it. I don't need no dag-nabbin' website telling me what I can and can not do.

So this is a no-nonsense metal song that I started working on a while ago as just a test for some new EQ settings on my amplifier. This is the "NG Cut" version since I'll be putting an updated version on my album, but I uploaded it mainly so I could enter it into the March Metal MAC.

It's pretty fast and intense, as was the original plan for this one. I like the way it turned out, although I really wish I had flushed out that middle section riff a little more. But I guess there's always next time. I did spend a lot of extra time in the drums with this one, trying to make it sound more varied and human because I've been becoming self-conscious about how mechanical, robotic and unoriginal a lot of my drumwork stuff sounds. So I tried to make the drums a lot more of a driving factor in this song.

Hopefully you find it heavy enough :3

(Check out my BookFace! http://www.facebook.com/Burn7Music )


This pleases me.

Burn7 responds:

OH! My God!

Literally! My God and Lord, Pashifa! I am ever so grateful to you for viewing my music and enjoying it's rhythmic tones and melodic splendor! I hope you did enjoy the song, as I wrote it as an ode to you, Oh Wise and Powerful Pashifa!

I am not worthy to be in the presence of such a God as yourself! But know that I shall continue to both write music in your name and sacrifice a chimpanzee every Thursday afternoon at 3:00 (Pacific Central Time) until the end of existence.

Been so long since I've reviewed and listened to your music. I'm so sorry. But trust me, it's not cuz i dont like it. I love it. It's just I've got so much school and so many tests, and my grades are slippin, so uh, yeah. I'll do my best to keep on listening. Anyways, this shit is amazing. It's even better than Shrapnel Tornado, which, I believe you made in, I dunno, 2009 or 2010, or early 2011? And uh, keep up the good God damn work. And if you can make this shit into actual music, not from a computer or somethin like that, if my fmily had the money, I'd give you at least a hundred fucking bucks. You deserve to be paid for this. And if this was food, I'd just swallow it whole, like a Locos Taco from Taco Bell. Then I'd cry cuz I'd want more of it. o_______o I can't wait till you release more! And uh, next time, please, try to make it more rhythmic, and, make it a hell of alot harder and louder than this is please. AND, if possible, add some beast fucking voals. I hope you can put all that in. Now, Mr. Apple Rapist Slash Butt Fucker out! o_______o

Burn7 responds:

Holy crap that was a long review! Haha, well thanks for coming and checking me out again after all this time!

I'm glad you think I've only improved since then, especially since I've been working on my skillz just for you ;D

(Okay not REALLY. But... ... Sorta?)

FINALLY, I was looking for some metal in all of the top songs. Bring more, Newgrounds needs it.

Burn7 responds:

Muhaha, I shall be bringing the metal as much as I can :3

Especially when I drop my album in the coming months :DDDDD

This is AWESOME if you cant tell by my name all i like is metal and this is awesome im going to try n play those drum beats for a warm up =D good job bro!!! \,,/

Burn7 responds:

Haha, thanks dude! If you can actually play all that, I'll give you MAD ass props good sir!

Thanks for checking me out! :D

Any other die hard Burn7 fans notice the similarity in the solo at 1:35 to another Burn7 song?

Regardless, good work. Can't wait to here more from the EP.

Burn7 responds:

I have die hard fans? What, did every other band die?

And this is a slanderous lie. I, Burn7, would NEVER copy one of my own songs' styling or sound and try to incorporate it into other songs. That's like cheating off my own test!

(See: The outro solo for Reprimand/the main melody of the removed song "Suspended Depression; The drum beat for "-B7- The Showdown" VS The drum beat for "B7 - Riptide?")

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Credits & Info


4.42 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2012
4:43 PM EDT
Heavy Metal
File Info
8.8 MB
4 min 50 sec

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