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Hello there Newgrounds. I have brought music for you. I hope that's okay... Because even if it's not, I'm still doing it. I don't need no dag-nabbin' website telling me what I can and can not do.

So this is a no-nonsense metal song that I started working on a while ago as just a test for some new EQ settings on my amplifier. This is the "NG Cut" version since I'll be putting an updated version on my album, but I uploaded it mainly so I could enter it into the March Metal MAC.

It's pretty fast and intense, as was the original plan for this one. I like the way it turned out, although I really wish I had flushed out that middle section riff a little more. But I guess there's always next time. I did spend a lot of extra time in the drums with this one, trying to make it sound more varied and human because I've been becoming self-conscious about how mechanical, robotic and unoriginal a lot of my drumwork stuff sounds. So I tried to make the drums a lot more of a driving factor in this song.

Hopefully you find it heavy enough :3

(Check out my BookFace! http://www.facebook.com/Burn7Music )


Now these are the beats I'm looking for, thanks. :D

Burn7 responds:

Hey! You noticed my beats! Haha, thanks! :D

I'm so glad the "local scene" lives on via the internet. I have been starved for some good ol' fashioned metal for quite some time, and this definitely filled the cup. I think I'm going to chart this for Phase Shift so I can be as cool as you.

In short, very well done sir. Looking forward to more.

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Burn7 responds:

Why thank you, good man.

I shall, indeed, be working on more in the coming times. Until then, I will sip this Brandy and laugh quietly to myself whilst watching cat videos on the Tube of You's.

Dragons are definatly greater than unicorns, this song proves it. Stellar work as always :D.

Thats my dose of guitar for the day.

Burn7 responds:

Hey, thanks for the review dude!

Dragons are HANDS DOWN better than unicorns. There is no disputing this irrefutable fact. It's like how Strawberry jam is better than Grape. It's just a fact of life!

Great work as usual, especially loved the guitars during the last minute of the song, great way to conclude. While I thought the drums were fine before, you can definitely tell that special attention was paid to them in this song, not a bad thing of course, but noticeable. Certainly heavy enough for me ;D

Burn7 responds:

Muhaha thanks dude! I'm glad somebody noticed that I paid special attention to my drums. They're like the slow kid in the kindergarten class: You've gotta give them special attention or they eat all the crayons.

And then the scissors.

But I'm glad you enjoyed it :3 Thanks for coming back and checking me out, dude. You're like my biggest fan :P

I can dig it.

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Burn7 responds:

Good. Because these hookers aren't gonna bury themselves.

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Mar 29, 2012
4:43 PM EDT
Heavy Metal
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