Fire in my Eyes (BattleCry)

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yo check me out like im sexy
tryna get in that state of mind where everyone will rep me
im rappin wit killer water cause my flow is so deadly
my lyrical aim is perfect my metaphors are steady

bless me i keep a white bitch like betty
yeah my rhyme hold to much so ya mind is prone to overload
ill be over tho my status carry heavy weight so my appearance comes off over swole
im harder than a boulder so i rock the fuckin crowd when a n***a takin over shows

i tell ya this look into my eyes and tell me what you see
cause out my eyes i wanna see some kids that say they envy me
that means they on the right path and might ask what realness is
and figure this is exactly what they wanna be

come and see the truth is the enemy of right is you
you go against the priciples and sadly it is pitiful
silly but true that the bitches and the n***as that claim hip hop
but then destroying it and now no one wants it leavin us wit out shit to do

uh this is real music
this my battle cry
i call it war tunes
just to make battles cry
i see the fakeness and my n***a that is why
you see this fire in my eyes

Verse 2
My desire is deepness ya meekness is so appearant
my music my soul i shout it through this beat blaring
its scaring only those who are not ready
catch me in the booth lyrics acting a fool and beat just staring

lookin crazy not understanding its about to be killed
and all the empty slots up in it is about to be filled
and my word in ya heaad are about to drilled
so just take in every utterance and ya destiny is fulfiled

yes please note that i am the best
mad cause ya ass got the swag of ryan seacrest
i degress gamin real stackin up chips like pringles
i do not understand why you strippers dancin on singles

shit is crazy maybe im just insane
but this shit i seen wit soulja boy just made my ass refrain
from quittin its my duty i must destroy this n***a
or just desimate the place that delpoys bitch n***as


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Mar 24, 2012
4:42 AM EDT
Hip Hop - Olskool
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