No Sky

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I started this between "The Day The Sun Exploded" and "The Black Hole," but kept running out of ideas for it. However, I finally got it finished, and I think it came out A-okay.

Hope you like.

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Another great track. The chips n' bits are wonderful - the incredibly uplifting strings as well (they just came in). Mmm, time-stretched amens. Dig for sure.

RetromanOMG responds:

Oh crap, didn't notice this comment. It's funny that you mentioned the Amen section at the end, I actually got the idea from a similar transition you did at the end of Suprachiasmatic Nuclei and the Grandfather Paradox (I'm not actually sure if that's still on your Newgrounds, I just had it in my head when I finished this song).

Thanks for the comment.

Decent tune

Now here we have a good tune, something with a good solid and even unique sounding at times, so its a great strat of a track, there was some decent quality to it and overall was a nice listen. But anyways this was notbad had a nice soft and pleasent tune while still having some other differant tones in the track, The "DRUMS" were the best part and seemed to make everything balance out, This seemed like it could be used in some "VIDEO-GAME" had that kind of sound to it, But i must say that this was pretty good tune i was enjoying it, there was no real negitive points except for a few basic stuff, but overall a decent track here.

So what can i say here, this was a pretty decent track and if theres anything to improve its very little as this tune was pretty solid on its own. So as i said there was nothing really as it was a top notch tune, keep up the awsome work.

Very ambient feeling and retro track. Feels like something I would hear while playing Donkey Kong Country for some reason actually or maybe Metroid Prime too. The song has a really nice feel yet makes you think there is no cloud in the sky as you smile at the sun bringing warmth.

The chiptune sound I hear is nice and I like how it rings for am oment when each note finishes. The latter when you added a copy of the main chip channel and made it reverse notes was rather neat since it gave a feel of going in reverse at the same time strangely. The bass was soft and comforting on the ears too. The classical sounds are also nice.

Liking how the drums have a sort of tribal running feel to them like your quest to reach the skies never ends as you keep going higher and higher meeting new people and gaining new abilities.

Overall, very beautiful song and I liked it a lot!

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16-bit ambience

Hmm, that may sound like an oxymoron, but I feel that we're onto something here - the sound that you've given is very definitely something that could be called ambient, as the length would also indicate. The sounds that you've used would indicate an "early 90s" start, but that mellows out, as the piece matures - was that intentional, or just the way that the piece evolved over the seven minutes? It gave me the impression that there was something to progress with, but this still wasn't convincing enough to state it as an intentional adjustment.

The mood is calm and peaceful, not obscured by the oppressive bass beat - you could so easily have fallen into this trap, but you managed to avoid that, giving rise to another phase, where the track neatly fits together with the other elements and still carries on, not compromising, nor being compromised - the mark or a master composer.

I think that with this sort of piece, we could certainly see it being used in various video games or sprite productions, where the characters are from well known games. That would be the best form of flattery that I can give you, by suggesting that your piece deserves to be included in someone else's work. I only hope that they manage to do it justice.

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This is a splendid example of musical talent.
Not many songs can maintain interest in the listener with a song that is so long, but your melodic crafting and instrument choice is rather absorbing.
A song this nice is hard to come by on this site.
You were recommended for my Aaroca Cookie of Approval by Zirocket-8, since then I've listened to a few of your songs and they are all very good quality. This one gets a cookie.
If you like, nominate another submission or author (audio or flash) for a cookie.

The Aaroca Cookie of Approval deems this song; Quite Worthy.

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Mar 20, 2012
8:41 PM EDT
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