[HoS] Peril Of Bleakwood

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Grim Fairy Tales

* Hmm, ...There is an old evil that lurks there, though nobody has ever seen it and returned to tell of the story. What might it be that forever wanders the woods I wonder? The very trees are ever watchful of any who enter. They wisper amongst themselves, always plotting foul mischief. The forest has a dark, tragic past.
You've picked an especially bad time to venture into the woods! Especially bad! I would not go if I were you. A dense misty veil has covered the forest! A dark omen indeed! Fortune does not smile upon your arrival to these parts, friend.
Beware Traveler! I gravely warn you! If you really must journey forth, stay ever careful, be ever wary, and do not stray from the road! For the shadows themselves may shift and change before you and try to lead you off the path! The trees, though faceless, may wisper to you and will do their best to trick you. Pay no heed to them. They can do nothing but taunt and mock you. But alas, these things are the least of your troubles. What horror lies deeper within the woods is older and far craftier! This I stress to you! Be always on your guard! Do not rest for a second! There, your very soul may be be at stake! That is all I can tell you. I truly wish you good luck and safety on your journey. But make haste! The mist is beginning to thicken!

* Made with FL Studio 9
Samples used:
Sytrus- Dream bell
That's It!

Updated this song. Changed the noticeable cut off of an ending to a seamless wrapped replay, which was not a quick walk in the park, sparing the details. Also, the whole song now repeats itself once within a single play. Two reasons for this:
1) To ensure that the music flawlessly loops at least once, for those whole would might like to use this loop in a project.
2) To make it long enough to be listened to in a playlist. (like a playlist in a game OR for personal listening)

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Viewer continuation of the story from the scene setting in the author's notes...

'Bah, whatever you old fool.' Said gelliard the fighter.
'Yeah, what twoddle.' Agreed Forgath the dwarf. Both of them ignoring the old man's warnings.
'C'mon.' Forgath said to the party. 'Let's go, we'll be on the other side by sunrise.' The two marched into the consuming fog as the sun set and darkness started to take hold.
Elward the elf to a final nervous glance at the old man, thought things over for a moment, shrugged, and followed his companions into the gloom.

visibility gradually diminished the the perceivable world shrank smaller and smaller until the the gentle glow of Gelliard's torch was all that illuminated the path before them.
'So the guys says: "that not the sock I was talking about."' Quoted Forgath finishing him joke and he and gelliard burst into laughter piercing the night's silence with their jovial raconteuring.
After they calmed down a little Gelliard stopped in his tracks.
'What is it?' Asked Elward, feeling the chill of the night running down his spine.
'We're heading west, we're supposed to be heading north.' Gelliard replied pointing north.
'Are you sure?' Asked Forgath.
'This way then.' He said.
'The man said not to leave the path.' Said Elward.
'The man said not to enter the forest if you were paying attention.' and the fighter and dwarf laughed once more as they headed off the path into the denser forest.
Elward shivered walking past the empty trees, eyeless, yet staring. Movement dashing in the corner of his eye, whispers on the edge of hearing taunted him. Gelliard stopped once more.
'This is a good place to stop for a bit.'
'WHAT?!' Exclaimed Elward. The other two laughed once more.
'We're not sleeping here, I just need a wizz, you guys wait here a moment okay?' He said, and Forgath nodded. Gelliard started walking in the the darkness.
'WAIT!' Cried Elward.
'Hah, scared huh?' Elward nodded his response. 'Fine, take the torch.' He said as he passed it to the elf. 'Back in a minute.' He said as he set off in to the misty veil surrounding them.

Time passed as the elf and the dwarf waited for their friend's return Forgath sat at the base of a tree, its cracked and craggy feature bearing down upon him. Elward stood bolt upright shivering and quivering from both cold and fear. Shadows fled left and right as he waved the torch to repress the overbearing darkness. Whispers he couldn't quite hear told him things in a malicious and threatening tone. He closed his eyes and drew a deep breath. In a brief moment of clarity he looked up at the sky to see clouds brightly illuminated by the full moon. He could smell the coming rain but it had yet to pour and the music was... pretty damn good. Looking back at the dwarf he saw the tree and he filled with terror its cracks had opened into the form of a horrific face, with it's jaw opened wide, its branches were arms with claws reaching toward the helpless dwarf.
'LOOK OUT!!!' He yelled startling the dwarf making him jump to his feet.
'What he asked?' And they both looked at the tree, creepy as it was it was no different from any other.
'This place is getting to you isn't it? C'mon lets get you out of here, we've given Gelliard enough time. He went this way.'

After walking for some minutes the two came across a body of water. 'Hmm, a swamp.' Said Forgath.
'How do you know?'
'More woodly than a marsh but better drainage than a bog.'
'Oh, and where's Gelliard?'
'Around here somewhere, I'm sure we'll rendez-vous on the other side.' Said the dwarf with diminishing confidence. Elward took another deep breath and followed into the murky water, in the terrifying forest, confined in a thick fog, in the middle of the night.

The water reached the dwarf's waist as he waded, the water seemed to bubble mildly as they continued forth. Elward jumped at a loud crack up ahead, the whispers blocked out his thoughts.
'Calm down.' Said Forgath.
'Okay Forgath.' said Elward before turning to look at him. 'Forgath?'
And the dwarf had vanished. He yelped and dropped the torch in the...

HonorOfStyle responds:

Aww nooo! I wanna hear more! Bravo dude! That's some dam awesome story writing! Sure hope some one finishes it, or atleast continues it! I really enjoyed this!

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