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CLAB - rezzy vs breaker

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CLABTRAP Competition 2012 - MC Knock Out
Round 1: rezzytip vs soundbreaker
Beat by JayNyce

Verse 1 - rezzytip
Verse 2 - soundbreaker
Verse 3 - rezzytip
Verse 4 - soundbreaker

For more comp info check out CLABTRAP.com or bigred.newgrounds.com

Decide on the winner of the battle in a review below.

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Rezzy V1 - Delivery is rather uninspired and you have a lot of filler. If you're going to do that, at least compensate with stronger schemes/multis. Steve Irwin finisher is alright but 90% of people here are going to think of Wyze.

Breaker V1 - Steve Irwin flip is nice, delivery sounds like you're really enjoying yourself. Could hardly understand is nice, Master's flip is cheesy but not bad. I feel like the last several bars focused more heavily on rhyme schemes than content, but if I'm going to compare it with Rezzy's, at least you had stronger bars. One major point off for your mixing, it's hard on the ears and sounds overproduced.

Rezzy V2 - Needs to put more emphasis on the right syllables. Don't bring up Steve Irwin again, please. Fairly difficult to understand, Kangaroo Jack is a clever rhyme but a weak line. Major points off for lame 'you don't get any pussy' diss.

Breaker V2 - Kind of big down under is great. Rezzy disses are vicious, finisher is delivered well but overall I feel like the verse should have had one more personal punch in it that wasn't a flip, it would have made the entire verse sound more aggressive. Mixing sounds much better this time around.

Breaker wins easily with stronger relevant content and delivery.

rezzy's my boy, but soundbreaker was more entertaining and had better disses. 4th verse killed.

verse 1 - Sounds tight sounds muddy and lacks volume
verse 2 - Usually that british british british accent is annoying, but here it's works.
verse 3 - Still a little muddy but swings for the fences.
verse 4 - Dug the flip that blatantly avoided going back to calling people gay.

Vote goes to Soundbreaker.

Rezzytip | Verse One |

Wow. You sound way better man. Im glad that I can hear you better now bud.
With that said, that was a great verse, good rhymes, good flow, and a good selection of diction.
Good name flip too.

Soundbreaker | Verse One |
You didnt waste time jumping in to attack Rezzy, haha.
Great rhymes, good energy, good flow.
I can hear you nice a clearly too, unlike other brit rappers in the comp. Good punches man.

RezzyTip | Verse Two |

Calling him out on the lack of personals was clever.
Good rhymes again man. Good flow. Youve sustained your presence in this verse. Good job.

Soundbreaker | Verse Two |

Not bad here man. I expected better, I didnt like the amount of gay jokes.
The rezzylution line was good lol. Overall you have a decent verse here, good job man.

Overall I give my vote to | RezzyTip |

* They were both equal for me, until I heard Soundbreakers second verse. His second verse wasnt that great in my opinion, it was way too bland and unoriginal. More gay jokes... Will they ever stop? *
( 3.5 due to more gay jokes being in a song... )

Rez sounds consistently average in this one. His flow is solid, but aside from a few great lines, his lyricism was kinda weak. His second verse was definitely better, with some more standouts, but not enough to make up for his poor closing lines.

Rez's Steve Irwin joke was predictable and generic, and breaker jumped all over it, justifiably. Likewise, although he finished his second verse off with some clever metaphors he REALLY left himself open with the "King of Queens" line, which breaker acknowledges but then proceeds to turn down the opportunity--like he's above that.

And that's just what Rez did wrong. As for soundbreaker, with the exception of a few parts where he sounded the slightest bit sloppy, everything was perfect. He had comebacks for everything, plus superb lyrics in his own right. The "down under" line is a great double entendre, and the Futurama fan in me just has to love the Farnsworth bit.

Soundbreaker for the advance.

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Mar 16, 2012
10:29 PM EDT
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