CLAB - Future vs Senator

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CLABTRAP Competition 2012 - MC Knock Out
Round 1: DJ Future vs Senator John Dean
Beat by FireFoxMcCloud

Verse 1 - DJ Future
Verse 2 - Senator John Dean
Verse 3 - DJ Future
Verse 4 - Senator John Dean

For more comp info check out CLABTRAP.com or bigred.newgrounds.com

Decide on the winner of the battle in a review below.

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Future V1 - Flow pauses too much. Google diss is weak. Lots of filler and weak rhyme scheme.

Senator V1 - Late verse diss, Soundcloud line is very nice, name diss with the other artists is nice as hell. Who the fuck is he flip is okay. Flow is incredibly strange, sometimes on beat, sometimes way off. It sounds decent but unnatural at the same time.

Future V2 - Doubletime is lame, you should only rap faster if you have more to say, so if you're going to write filler, don't. Soundcloud shout-out is a nice flip.

Senator V2 - Street flip is hilarious, especially with the acronyms. "Fuck your girl" bars are mediocre. Enunciate! is strong, fast flow and gun flip are good too, 'fake' finisher is strong, actual finisher fails at being funny.

Senator wins with more relevant disses.

verse 1 - I don't like his enunciation.
verse 2 - This is better.
verse 3 - Calling himself Kurt Angle, at least he fixes his enunciation.
verse 4 - Same thing I was thinking.

Vote goes to Senator John Dean.

DJ Future | Verse One |

Not bad man. Your flow was pretty good. I could have seen some of those disses coming from a mile away, like the Butt Head reference. You come off flow like two or three times, but then jump back on it.
Your personals are ok, i mean, you made the reference of not knowing who he was, haha.

Senator John Dean | Verse One |

Slaughter? lol.
Wow. You just attacked him hard as hell in this one.
Great flow, great disses, great use of vocab, and awesome metaphors.

DJ Future | Verse Two |

Damn. You didnt like that last verse of his, did you? haha.
You came back with intent to end him and you didnt do a bad job.
Good rhymes, better flow, just generally better everything.

Senator John Dean | verse Two |

Haha. Wow. Great flow, decent rhymes on this one.
I thought your first verse was WAY better. Nice last 4 bars at the end there, haha.
Again though, on this verse man, it was like everywhere with the lyrics. You lost me here lol.

Overall i give my vote to | Senator John Dean |

* In my opinion I thought Senator John Dean had a better flow, better rhyme scheme, better disses, better personal attacks, and generally better sound. I had to listen to this a couple times because I couldnt understand why Senator John Dean didnt shred his second verse like he did his first. If DJ Future wanted to win, he should have tried to do more research and then hit hard as shit in the first verse. Overall decent battle. *
( 3.5 stars, disappointed at the final outcome of the battle, it could have been better since these two MC's arnt shitty, obviously. )

Future was really good, experimented a bit with his style, and for the most part it payed off. But there were a few notable times when he seemed to stumble with the rythym. That might be the fault of the beat, but 1) I'm pretty sure he picked it, and 2) John didn't seem to have any problems with it.

Speaking of which, SJD had a really unique style rythym-wise and his apparent voice-over talents (if he's never tried being a VA, he should :P) don't hurt his delivery at ALL. Plus his second verse was homicidal. From how takes that one line about him and Future's girl and turns it into an epic poem, to the "actual gun, actual hand" line, Dean definitely deserves the past. Future put up a good fight, but SJD could've won with that verse alone.

The beat was so whack. Anyway, DJ Futures verses where weak. Punchlines were weak. The flow was tedious, a little monotone. SJD came in hard but the flow was weird, like he's talking but the punchlines where harder.

WINNER: Senator John Dean

For bringing a unique style to the table and having better, witty punchlines.

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Mar 15, 2012
1:26 PM EDT
Hip Hop - Olskool
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