CLAB - P64 vs Wyze

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CLABTRAP Competition 2012 - MC Knock Out
Round 1: P64 vs Wyze-Stingray
Beat by DJDureagon

Verse 1 - P64
Verse 2 - Wyze-Stingray
Verse 3 - P64
Verse 4 - Wyze-Stingray

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Decide on the winner of the battle in a review below.

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verse 1 - Sounds like philly to me and a stingray to the heart.
verse 2 - More stingrays.
verse 3 - Was probably going to vote for this guy until he started rapping about pokemon
verse 4 - Very nice, but Ohio is for juggaloes, not philly..

Vote goes to Wyze-Stingray.

P64 sounds better on this song, but I barely felt any insults coming from him. Wyze attacked him the whole time, and P64 spent half the time just talking about himself or other random bullshit. Wyze goes on.

P64 sounds like a rapper.. he got the SWAG of a rapper.
Wyze... just sounds like an angry nerd rhyming.

The problem with ya'll n***az voting is..
Ya'll off-rip vote for the guy who puts in the most effort..
Ya wyze is screaming in the mic, pulling rhymes offs, throws out a couple gay jokes against his opponent, but buddy really ain't saying MUCH.

This scenario reminds me of "Little Jimmy in the wheelchair who wanted to race with the kids not in wheelchairs, he raced among the others... everybody cheered for little jimmy because of his efforts of attempting to race with the normal kids but at the end of the day.. Little Jimmy got last place :("

This doesn't mean you DOWNGRADE the person who made first place just cuz a person in the race was handicap. That's what Wyze-Stingray reminds me of LOL

I don't know how many years ya'll gonna need to realize this.

I give Wyze an A+ for effort but damn jit.. you sound like a hot mess on the mic doe
you don't even have a voice for Hip Hop.

My vote goes to, P64


P64 | Verse One |

Great flow. Good disses. You sound like Talie.

Wyze-Stingray | Verse One |

Awesome disses. Not the biggest fan of your flow, its still growing on me.
Good general rhymes too.

P64 | Verse Two |

Good lines again. Overall you put this verse together nicely.

Wyze-Stingray | Verse Two |

Better disses in this verse, you came harder than the last one for sure man.
Good flow.

Overall I think this one is too close for me to vote on. I dont have a winner on mind, they both had their own originality and pro/cons. Best of luck to you both.
( 3.5 stars, damn close battle. )

P64 Verse 1 - Seemed like you wasted your first bars on hyping yourself up instead of dissing him. The Steve Erwin line was a good diss. The other disses didn't really connect to me. You had a great style and mic presence.

Wyze Verse 1 - Started out the gate with direct attacks and personals. I like the model sword diss that was pretty hard. Props for the Steve Erwin flip. I also liked the Cassidy car diss. Good flow and aggression.

P64 Verse 2 - I liked the Magickarp diss. The cassidy car was also pretty good. My problem was it seemed like you had started punchlines but the closing half lacked the actual punch and instead you were still hyping yourself up instead of attacking wyze.

Wyze Verse 2 - This is your real shinning point for me. Full of flips dicks/ass, the prism and I loved the way you turned his name around. Real aggression seemed liked you wanted it at this point.

So I have to give it to Wyze for more direct attacks and more connects.

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Mar 14, 2012
1:09 AM EDT
Hip Hop - Olskool
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