In Loathsome Territ0ry

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Hey guys

The full title of this track is "RUNNING FR33 IN LOATHSOME TERRIT0RY", and it's an ambient pop song with soothing vibes. Please rate my song, and post a review if possible. I very much enjoy whenever I get a single review, because I just like human contact, OK?

Quick facts:
- Made in FL Studio 10
- Time period: probably about 3 hours
- Started off trying to be a dubstep song, with the drop being at about the point where it goes all house-ish, but then I changed it to just the house vibe, and it turned out quite nice (partly also because I don't actually know how to make dubstep sound GOOD :P)
- VSTs (off the top of my head): Sylenth1, DSK Strings, Charlatan
- Drums: Vengeance essential house, deadmau5 xfer, random other drum samples
- Plugins: my first experience with free filter automations (connected to a fruity formula controller), parametric eq 2, fruity reeverb, some tremolo thing I don't know the name of, fruity compressor
- This is a snail -> _@/


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Really like the soothing beat going on here. Gives a kind of feel of just falling really really slow or just being able to relax for the day too. Tune makes you feel really good and the song is very light in melody and mood. Very enjoyable peace.

Liked how the bass notes seem to go up in a slow repeating rhythm giving the feeling of never ending and just sounds great to me. The aquatic synth paired with what feels like a slight echo ping pong effect actually sounds pretty good.

The drums are calming and the claps paired with some kicks in the place of what would be a snare is also very calming and kind of gives a feel of just clapping along to the rhythm. The spaced out feel to the song is just very smooth and completely calming. Excellent work here!

Overall, the beat is very calming and gives a feel of just being able to relax for the day. Very beautifully composed song.

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xxxZigZagxxx responds:

Thanks SCTE3. Sorry I didn't respond to this earlier, but your feedback is spot on.

I wanted to create a really soothing rhythm, and the "aquatic" adjective you added in there was quite good. I tried to make it as calming as possible :)

Cheers SCTE3

i love this vibe benny, it really takes me there... there meaning some where else, like in space... im really feeling it and wish that i could do more with it than just listin to it, lol - i mean it's not like i can rap to this doh (but i prob could, lol) but nice work man... great jam.. peace!!!

xxxZigZagxxx responds:

Thanks bro. If when you finish the rap for my other track, you could give me the acapella, I could see if I could put it over this track, like I did with Firestorm: craft the beat *around* the rap. :)

much thanks
ZigZag (Benny)

Hey man, i got your PM and I'd be more than happy to review. :)
Kick, snares and hi-hats:
I wasn't a big fan of the snare in the intro stages(0:00-0:49, just because it didn't add that certain umph to it,to achieve that umph you could try adding a compressor and some reverb, and possibly even a small amount of delay. If you use delay though set the timing to 3:12 as this is the optimal time for that dubstep/house since it matches with the beat. Maybe even try to have a pre-shifter sounding snare as well(if you don't know what that is then just google it and there will be more than enough tutorials on how to achieve the sound. And when the snares start to build up try adding a Fruity LP Filter. Create a automation of the cutoff and have it slowly increase, that way it just doesn't rise out of anywhere. The kick was excellent and didn't overpower any of the other instruments. As for the hi-hats maybe maybe try to add some variation that way the beat doesn't become stale. The general sense of the pattern were well planned out though.

Your ability to work melody's the way you do is very impressive. So keep at that. And this track is very mellowed out, has a good amount of bass to it, i could definitely imagine hearing this on some sort of game.
If you have anymore questions then just PM me,
3.5 stars for you now, but 5 stars are not out of your league at all, just keep at what your doing.
and 5/5( because I think more people should hear your work:D)

xxxZigZagxxx responds:

Wow. Just wow. This is super good advice, man. I'll implement all these things and then see what the revised version sounds like. I'm reckoning it would sound pretty awesome.

Thank you for the awesome review. Thanks for supporting me too.


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Mar 12, 2012
3:56 PM EDT
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