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This is the first song i've ever made that utilizes voice samples. As this is also the first time i've ever done hardcore electronica, any and all comments are appreciated.


Bronies forever! :D

You can find some of my other stuff at soundcloud.com/planetaryc onfinement


Decent tune

I like this tune and the small yet effective voive overs was a nice touch the onlything with that was that there was not enough of the vocals and you could really push that more, There wassome nice effect with the voices like the distortion and such, so nice effort there that was pretty nice there, The drums were pretty good i thought, could be abit louder and deeper though, This whole piece was pretty good some changes could be done but overall it was pretty good i thought, anyways keep up the good work.

Add some more vocals but in a longer motion not the short ones, Drums could be better maybe deeper and louder, So notshould be changed if anything at all, but would be nice if some improvments could be made though

Very brony-y. This song uses kinda cheesy synths at the beginning, going in to full-on dubstep wobbles that make me bob my head so hard! Yes.

Your mixing/production is pretty top/notch. The wobbly synth at 0:20 is intense and fits in well.
There are other parts where things seem too harsh and not well-put together, for instance at 1:05. The wobbly synth actually just sounds too jarring and distorted for me to enjoy, or get into, even though I was getting into it at 0:20. So, mostly good.

So, I would cut the space between 1:05 and 1:45, because the part after that is nice. I think it's the combination of the harsh synths and the distorted drums that make it hard to listen to. I realise that it's supposed to represent the "argument" mentioned in your vocal samples, but it's simply not that great to listen to, imo.

5 stars from 0:00-1:15, -1 star for 1:05-1:45, and -1/2 star for 2:15 onwards. But that bass at the beginning alone, was awesome. 3.5*

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silverblazebrony responds:

Thanks! Being the first time ever making a harder dubstep style song, I knew there were going to be some faults in it, and after listening to it allot myself, I can hear allot of problems that I missed the first time.

QUOTE: "for instance at 1:05. the wobbly synth actually just sounds too jarring and distorted"
Yeah, I figured there was something going on in that section of the song. I just couldn't put my finger on it. The drums I knew were a problem, and I was planning on modifying them during my revisit of the song.

After listening to the song a few more times, I also realized that it is just too short. and needs to be maybe a minute or so longer. to give room between the vocals. cause at the moment it kinda feels rushed to me.

Thanks for the review! You've given me allot to work with when I revisit the song. :b

The song has a nice classical video game feel to it. The use of vocal samples here were pretty good making it change from soft techno to sounding a bit harsher and the way the vocals are used kind of make me think of Dollface's voice from the new Twisted Metal actually which is kind of weird I suppose.

Fluttershy's voice being distorted was actually pretty nice since it does give the feeling that she is becoming delusional as the song goes on. Then goes back to being calm as she remembers who she is.

The 8-bit digital synth sounds very nice and rather enjoyable too. The harder sounding synth gives a feel of going into a boss battle with Fluttershy as the player tries to help her calm down and regain composure again. The bass sounds really nice here and lovely how it sounds so thick too. The drums sound like a live digital drum recording too. Nice how it ends with her being a bit mocking, I guess she wins the boss battle or she says that right before regaining composure.

Overall, interesting song and would make for a great boss battle song. Looking forward to more.

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silverblazebrony responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it, I'm actually planning on revisiting this song later to add some more length and to change and clean up a couple of things.
Thanks again! :b

sorry about the late response, been pretty busy lately. :/

I like the tune a lot, I just wish it had packed a little more punch. The voice samples were well used though!

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silverblazebrony responds:

I've actually listened to it about a hundred times myself, and know what you're talking about. I don't normally make music in this style, so it was a very good learning experience.

Thanks for the comment! :P

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