Dance Dance Revo MegaMix

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Ooh boy a DDR mix oh boy fun fun.
Oh and +9000 points to anyone who can name all the songs I used.
Best song's to hit the arcade


I have the uncontrollable urge to dace whenever I hear this. I haven't played DDR in forever and I do whenever I can find the blasted arcade machines or games.

danyool777 responds:

dance to your hearts content, that is if you can find the machines :D
thanks for the review <3

July, December
Always deep inside of my mind
Tell me why (Ay, iyaiyai)

Only recognized Boom Boom Dollar and Butterfly since it's been forever since i touched my PS1/2

Thanks for the nostalgia.

danyool777 responds:

Hehe you got 2 of em :D
I'm happy to provide nostalgia for you :)
And thanks for the review <3

Didn't play DDR but I assume I should. This mix is awesome, and I love those tempo changes too. Nice thing to suddenly take it down, then ramp up later. Bonus point because it is >6m long.

And if you liked DDR, you should try Stepmania if you hadn't heard about it - it's basically the same game but for a computer, free and with an insane amount of options (Like an Arcade mode where you need to insert a coin AKA press a key, usually F1 or F2 but no worries it's configurable), a song editor, etc. The only downside it that there are only 2 musics included, but there are countless sources of Stepmania songs, including on the Stepmania website.

Special tl;dr : Stepmania is the Computer DDR, free and with custom playlists.

danyool777 responds:

:o thx thx thx
I'm glad you liked it :D
Oh and I have in fact played step mania, I have it <3
Thx for the review

Definitely an excellent remix. Although i could never name all of them, i did hear a few songs i could place. Keep up the good work, I don't really have any suggestions other than at around 2:40 the song speed up and it sounded really...off i guess, can't really explain it. But anyway its still a great remix.


danyool777 responds:

Thanks for the review.
I'm sorta a fan of tempo changes midsong, it's one of my favorite things in a song.
But I was able to see what you mean.
I also tried to stick to the original tempo from the original tracks so that may also be why.
Glad you liked it <3

Nice is it just me or does this remind you of playing on a Sega Megadrive?

danyool777 responds:

Lol I guess you could say that.
Thanks for another review <3

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Mar 5, 2012
5:49 PM EST
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