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This piece was always meant to be this long, more developed, more climactic. The orchestral contest that just wrapped up here on NG had a time length limit on its entries, so I only wrote it up to just over 5 minutes for the contest. After winning, I was motivated to finish the piece to its full length that I had originally conceptualized, with a proper ending.

I also tweaked many things, most importantly managing the dynamic range to pump up the overall volume a little bit compared to the original track.


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Absolutely stellar. I wanted so badly to hand it to a screenwriter and say, "Build a feature-length film with this as the climax to the score!"

I concur with Krichotomy's comment about the last 30 seconds. I think your ending at 7:29 was actually better, and the remainder took me from cinematic feel to a concert hall. But that is such a tiny, tiny criticism in a piece that is so magnificent, and honestly it may (as Krichotomy implies) be a matter of personal taste). I still give this one five stars, because they won't let me give it six.

First I was following the simmering orchestration. It did not feel happy or sad, but certainly grand and epic, like a mountain or a majestic city. Then the choir cued in a rising transition, leading into a stroll down a musical pathway. The stroll became a jog, a run, a struggle... then gentle harp strings that left me in peace. Then, the most important part: a beautiful ending that left me in pieces. Now I just need to re-attach my jaw. That was amazing.

I only have one complaint. The swell at the very end feels to much of a structured, resolved, classical-y move. In my mind it takes the whole minorish "epic orchestra" feel of the tune and overwrites it. (Which may partially be the purpose...) I would have naturally preferred a minor chord ending. I am not opposed to a major chord ending, but that specific style just doesn't fit... to me, and, in my mind, is the harshest change of the entire track. My feelings may not be universally experienced or accepted. :)

Once again, great job. This is a super amazing piece. The first piece on Newgrounds that I've actually wanted to rate above 5.0/5.0.

Holy fuck dude....that's amaaaaaaaaziiiiiiiiiiiiingggggggg!!!!
Really really reeeaaaalllllyyy good song!

this piece is more than amazing, not one word in the english language could live up to explain how beautiful it is. chuck norris could not even try to make this piece. chuck norris should not even try.

every day i go home i listen to this twice. as i listen to this i could picture a story that could deeply effect anyone amazingly. one day i might get enough talent to animate what i have experenced, so others could see how amazing this truly is. you have inspired me mabye...forever.

i hope (unless you already have) you are seen by someone who could give you a job in music writing.

man...you deserve a cookie....and not many people get a cookie from me! :3

Very good work on this I really like how it starts out slow and calm then becomes really upbeat and calms down again towards the end but with a far more dramatic sound to it. It sounds like something you would hear in a movie soundtrack like one of the lord of the rings movies. I'd honestly give it ten stars if I could.

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Feb 28, 2012
12:41 PM EST
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