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I made the opening riff a long time ago and decided to use it now. Basically I recorded the part and it went from there. Hope you enjoy.


Do you know what this riff reminds me of, in a way?

The Goonies II.

My favorite game.

The parts where you're searching a room for something to help you survive and to rescue your friends from this far-expanded labyrinth of horrors that just appear in puffs of smoke right before your eyes. Are you tripping on cave gas? Is the bipolar side of Sean Astin (who played Mikey in the movie) churning out an excess of hallucinations? Why are crows and ghosts haunting him while the worst fears (snakes, spiders, BATS...) manifesting like that? And why must he rescue a girl from the sea whom he has never met before? And why is this setup so difficult for some people to accomplish (especially in one sitting)?

But anyway, there's also a hidden side to the psyche unveiled from the trippiness of this piece. I think I can also attribute it to beholding (or rescuing) Annie the Mermaid, who professes her love for Mikey once he does so. It may be primordial, like Joseph Campbell's theory about "The Hero's Journey" as the oldest narrative, whereupon the protagonist surpasses the aforementioned Threshold Guardians, delivers a great boon (for the Goonies' cases, freedom from their tormentors, the Fratelli clan and their hideout), and even meets a goddess (Annie).

Still, it's an incomplete-sounding song, which only adds to the memory because you're still in a room and you haven't gone anywhere, struck, anything, taken anything... just you and whatever tools or implements you salvaged along the way. Just a feeling of emptiness and anxiety from the track which, I believe, makes it an excellent soundtrack piece, like practically all your works from the early days.

So kudos to you--The track is pretty damn good for reminding me of my childhood in a good way. The Goonies II, regardless of faults, was good enough to change my life--rather, it solidified the foundation of what I think is a fair and good personal philosophy. Also, nobody else was humble enough to play it since it is often perceived as a cash-grab compared to the franchise, which lives on today in stupid Truffle-Shuffle t-shirts sold at Target or something.

Or that YTMND of Captain Picard in a white tux mowing Chunk down (God, does he ever get any respect?).

But Mikey will win, in time I suppose, and return the Goonies to freedom and the Fratellis to jail. Will he continue searching the ruins and caverns of our world for buried treasure? Given they put the movie's true sequel (where filaments of the first cast play parents of a new group of young explorers) in development hell, we may never know.

I applaud you very much this is a very epic song that I have the pleasure of listening to. The rift is very nice soothing yet hard. I am not sure i can describe my thoughts for this. I am just very impressed. Keep up the good work.

Kylenorbury responds:

Well thank you very much.

Now I have to be sure when you mean recorded you actually played these yourself on guitar correct? If thats the case i applaud you! If not then still you were able to define your solo, chorus, and breakdown clearly, good job

YouâEUTMve done a fantastic job on this track and its guitars can squeal for themselves cause its clear you need to make more!

Kylenorbury responds:

Yes I did play the guitar on this track. It's what I do best lol.

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