Inkredible (Freestyle)

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This is only a teaser! (The quality was diminished)
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[DJ Ses's Verse]
I'm Ripping This Ridiculous
Flowing Through All These Instruments
We Villainous,
The Sky Isn't Limitless To The Innocence
Go Back To Your Syllabus, Frivolous Weak Dissonance
If Hip Hop's A Plant, Then I Am Photosynthesis
Swagga On Point, It's Meticulous
It Ain't Christmas But I'm Hella Gifted Like Saint Nicholas
Bitches Be Acting Ticklish, I Acknowledge Her Diligence
We Be Found Where The Guinness Is, Where Her Beauty Was Vigilance
I Cheated On Mary Jane, I'm Polygamous
I Look At Life In Two Ways, I'm Ambiguous
Tell F.E.M.A. To Mars, I'm Indigenous
I'm Loyal To The Money While, Other's Rappers Got Fickleness
I Wanna Take Over Like The Rockerfellers
Hoes Go Nutty For The Professor
Ask Building 7, Where's The Lever?
Because I Don't Really See Or Hear The Bullshit Like Hellen Keller
My Verse To Hip Hop's A Love Letter
I Got Taco Bell Money, So That Means Mad Chedder
RMP Will Stand Forever
It's That Real Muzik, So Fakes Be Severed
Burn Em Altogether

[Crysis's Verse]
Incredible The Way I Thrash Beats Like The Hulk I Smash
Lines Exorcise Demons Like Priests With Extra Muscle Mass
Flow Iller Than Cataracts The Aftermath Of My Last Attack
Left N***az Wanting More Like Crack Addicts In A Ghetto Habitat
Laughing At The Mainstream Rappers
With Racks On Racks On Racks
Cause They're Slaves To Their Label
Like Employees That Work At The Gap
Immaculate Cliental Your Told If You Sold
But What's The World To Gain If You Forfeit Your Soul?
Gotta Be In Control I Can't
Be Someone's Puppet I Wont
Wake In The Morning & Live A Lie Like A Private Spy, I Must
Sink Ships Wasted Pirates
Break Grounds With The Bars That I Spit
Lyrical Leviathan See Success Thru My Iris
I'm High Risk If I Ever Was Challenged by a Lesser
Angelic Flow Killing Evil Residents Like Wesker
I Push My Self Harder to Spit These Rhymes Better
Cause Like Deep Sea Marine Life I'm Better Under Pressure
Yes Sir Flow Disgusting Like Alka-Seltzer
Metaphorical Professor Ruling Up This Semester
Words I Confessed Caress The Beat On Every Measure
I'm Variable Spitting Chemical Compounds Like Ester
Bringing Providence With A Prosperous Form I Polish This Style
Acknowledge This & Peep Game With Reconnaissance, Wow!
Demolish Pricks With A Sense Of Offense While They Play The Synths
I Gag & Slaughter Hits With Aggressiveness and I Never Miss!


Song of your man is tight!

Ite yo i appreciate this and u got some talent, but lets not zero bomb across the hip hop category. I don't know if it was you, but its kinda weird to see one sec a bunch of diff tracks and then all those gone and just your tracks sitting on the front page of the hip hop top leaderboards. Not tryna point fingers but its also hard not to

pertaining to the track though, nice work. Dj ses actually went in for once, he's never usually up to this standard. crysis, usually much better than ses imo, was on the same level and he was going strong. real nice track here boys, lets see more of this ses

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TheEyeOfMusiK responds:

Thanks & we ain't the 0 bombers.. We have lives. Lol



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TheEyeOfMusiK responds:



Your using words you can't pronounce. Took me out of it.

Dat Real shit.

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