Crash and Burn

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So I finally redid the vocals and cleaned up the mix. And I think I had a little too much fun putting harmonies in...

Crash and Burn will be the second installment in a 10 song story I've been working on. Basically in this song a man wakes up in glass and snow after being in a devastating car crash. Upon impact, the girl he loves is thrown through the windshield and dies instantly... or so he thinks. This song is in the perspective of the guy, who ends up bleeding out and slips into a coma.

As far as whats actually being played in the song there are 2 six string guitars (one lead, one rhythm/lead) 1 seven string guitar (for the low spice) , bass and vocals recorded. Then I programmed the piano, violin, cello and drums. All of which I did in the comfort of my own room.

Delusional Salvation

1. Chasing a Dream
2. Crash and Burn
3. Downward Spiral
4. Reaching the Pedestal
5. Desolate Woe
6. That Cold Night
7. Designed to Fail
8. You Deserve Worse
9. End All
10. Disfigured Emotion


I've awoken next to broken glass
The airs filled with the smell of gas
So disoriented, can not grasp this situation
I've gotta pull it together

Oh dear god were has she gone
I try to move but somethings wrong
Grievous wounds I think I'm bleeding out
There's not not much time left

Where has she gone...

Try to stand, can't make it up
I collapse to the ground in a puddle of my own blood
I'll just gather my strength and rest for a while
But these wounds are unforgiving

Crawling now, inch by inch
Using every ounce of strength to crawl out of this frozen ditch
Hopefully catching a glimpse of the one i lost
I just hope its not to late

A pain like this I've never known
Shattered bones from head to toe X2
I'm bleeding out, I can't suppress
Screaming at the top of my lungs in distress

I cant let go, please hold on
I don't want to say goodby
I'll hold you close, can't lose hope
Dear god understand that I need her too

Take one last breath X8
Don't give in to the light
Though your unconscious I believe that a part of you is alive and well within your shattered corpse
Don't give in to the light
I don't think that i can make in in this life alone, I wish I could have said goodby before you were gone

A pain like this I've never known
Shattered bones from head to toe X2
I'm bleeding out, I can't suppress
Screaming at the top of my lungs in distress

Light is fading now
Bleeding out
Will I find you when i reach the other side?

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What a voice, when soft you sound like corey taylor! Aggressive needs work with the power ratio.

the music is beautiful the random guitar solos fading in and out throughout are a nice touch. you clearly have put a lot of time and thought into the process and it shows.

Great job!

Very good! I love this song! I've heard it for several times... Congratulations!!!

i fucking love it, its beatifull, the vocals are amazing.
keep it up.

he sounds emo... he does

it's pretty nice, like the lyrics, good story, and the music behind it is pretty sick, nice job

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